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Alternate Battery for Cassiopiea:
Jeffrey S. Laing
For battery operated modem use, I use a 7.2V 1700mA R/C car "racing" battery. I made a small box with an LM309k 5V regulator and the right plugs. I use the battery/regulator in place of the AC adaptor. It will run for several hours.

Batteries from Cellphone packs
Gino R. Punsalan
You can open up "clear" celphone packs with nickel metal hydride batteries. Most have Name brands like Toshiba in AA size inside. Usually 5. Now you can avail of the longest lasting batteries available for your HPC.

Better Batteries
Dave Anderson
There is a high capacity Nicad battery/charger combo on sale at Costco for $17. It comes with 4 1100mAH AA cells and a wall charger. It lasts longer than the duracells I was using. Using the modem, I got 30 minutes with alkaline batteries and 1.5 hours with these batteries! Takes 5 hrs to charge the batteries. The wall-mounted charger's form factor is poorly designed however, in that it keeps falling out of the wall socket. I fixed it by glueing two strips from a paint stiring stick onto the back of the unit with 5 minute epoxy glue

Better Batteries
Pablo Rendon
If you absolutely need to use a PC modem card on battery power, use ENERGIZER HI ENERGY LITHIUM batteries sold in any place that sells batteries. These will maximize your modem time on your HPC.

Cassiopeia AC Power
Adam O'Neill
Cassiopeia owners....doesn't it suck that the AC power doesn't come standard with your HPC. I use my 56k modem 3/4 of the time mine's switched on so i built a new power supply. On the side of A11A(and others) you'll see the QV camera plug. I opened up the A11A and desoldered that and with a bit of work a 2.5mm dc power plug now fits in, wired to the back of the battery tabs inside the machine....looks just like a bought one.....now I can plug any home 3 to 5V DC power supply (and car chargers,larger battery packs etc) in and surf for hours. Just remember to unclip your main battery pack while you do it.

P.S pls don't do it if you have a casio camera!

Getting Longer Battery Life on Your HPC
Steven Emberson
This applies to most CE machines. When using Nickel Metal Hydroxide batteries which come with some machines. When the battery warning keeps coming up about the battery being low and the backlight being disabled, If you go into Power Properties and tell the HPC that you are using Alkaline (Single Use) Batteries it will let you continue to run for longer and use backlight . Because by doing this the battery meter goes up the warnings stop coming up, but they do come up before the machine is dangerously low

Longer battery life
Kosit Chunganuwad
I have a recommendation for a longer battery life. I have been using this rechargable battery produced by TOSHIBA; it's Nickel Metal Hydride Battery.  It has a very long life and I would really recommen to use it.  The battery would last like 2-3 weeks, but 1 week when using the modem(PCMCIA)I am using a CASSIOPEIA....

Problems with Lithium Batteries
Eric Ganske
Although I have used lithiums in my unit and found no problems, on positive effects, light weight longer lasting. Casio and other vendors do not recommend using lithiums, up to you though. I noticed when i used lithiums and my modem (megahertz 28.8) and i reached a low power warning my battery level went down but after shutdown and turning back on the batteries had came back up to par. i think this also happens with alkalines, just like cellulars. you turn the unit on and it shows a good charge give it a few minutes and its back down.

Service Pak for the Compaq PC
Arthur Vieira
There is a Service Pak for the Compaq PC Companion that corrects the same problem that the Cassiopeia has (battery). It's available in the Compaq Web Page.

Neil Madonick
If you suspend the cassiopeia using the start menu and forget about it, the main and backup batteries go dead in 24 hrs. I learned the hard way.

To save costs on batteries
Samuel Eickelberg
To save costs on batteries - use Ni-Cad rechargeables instead. I have 4 of them with a capacity of 800 mAh each. While two are in use, the other two can be recharged. Fully recharged, they last longer in my A-11 than alkaline batteries. Battery-powered modem usage is about half an hour. Get a small charger plus 4 rechargeable batteries, and they'll pay off faster than you'd never believe.

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