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HPC.net for PocketPC : Tips and Tricks : Modem


Battery powered modem
jeff hall
Since pcmcia modems eat up your battery in less than 10 minutes, I found a 14.4 battery operated modem from Modem Express to use when there is no power jack available (near the pay phones in airports, etc.) Modem Express sells used equipment and can be reached at 612 553 2075.

Battery powered modem
Tony Dirksen
Modem Express is out of stock on the modem; they did not anticipate getting in any more. Too bad; it sounded like the perfect solution for my upcoming foreign travel plans. Anyone else know of a battery-powered pocket solution?

Communication Tip
Fabian W. Waintal
Don't even think on using a PCMCIA modem for the internet without buying or connecting the optional AC Adapter: the HPC will not only run out of battery right after 10 or less minutes, but also would kill the main unite battery, meaning you'll lost ALL your data if you didn't make a backup first.

External Modem
Patrick Burke
I found that the US Robotics Worldport 14.4 external modem works well with my HPC. It runs both AC and 9v battery. I can run the modem on the battery for a couple hours, without draining the HPC batteries. This even has an LED to tell you when the battery is getting low. I am sure you can still find the modem from a used dealer. I purchased mine for $25.

How to connect HPCs to external modems
How to connect HPCs to external modems (does not always work).

You'll need: HPC, HPC to PC cable, Numm serial modem, gender changer, null modem adaptar.
How to hook it up:

[HPC]>-----HPC Cable----><-gendeer changer-><[MODEM]

Plug the HPC cable into the gender changer, gender changer into null modem adaptar, null modem adaptar into modem, plug hpc cable into hpc. If it works, when you turn on the modem you *should* get a "Connecting to desktop @ 19200" box, cancel it. Load terminal and configurethe modem for Hays on COM1: and the correct modem speed. Works on several modems.

Longer modem use w/batteries
Scott K. Yoshingaa
For those of you who cant find the AC adapter for your Casio HPC, you can still use your modem card with the batteries! I found that normal Alkaline batteries didnt work quite well, but Lithium AA Batteries by Energizer worked quite well. I was able to use my modem for a long time. A word of caution: I don't know what this is actually doing to my HPC since Lithium Batteries are not talked about in the Casio HPC manual. The batteries do tend to get a bit warm after moderate usage. Use this technique at your own risk!

shiva lanrover just drops the connection
mark koenig
If your ppp connection to an old shiva lanrover just drops the connection, your modem is probably using mnp5, disable this and it should work. AT&on3@F%C for megahertz modems

Using your HPC w/ an external modem
Alexei Duhovich
If you read the Windows CE manual carefully it will tell you that if you want to use an external modem with your HPC, you can. Just buy or make up a null modem cable (9-pin male x 25-pin male) and connect one end to your HPC and the other end to your modem. Do not use your modem cable. For pin outs feel free to e-mail me. The modem will get detected on COM1 I find that very useful, because I don't have the money for the PCMCIA card and because it does not drain your batteries as the PC card would... Good Luck st95362t@post.drexel.edu

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