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HPC.net for PocketPC : Tips and Tricks : Configuring


Configuring Windows CE for Netcom Access
Don C
1) Goto Remote Networking folder and Make a New Connection 2) Name Connection, Select "Dial-up Connection", press Next 3) Select your modem, configure, add your local Access number 4) TCP/IP settings: DISABLE all but "Use Software Compression and enter Primary DNS and Secondary DNS 5) Launch new connection, add # to beginning of login name and enter password as usual.

Configuring Windows CE to connect to Microsoft Network (MSN) for Internet Access
Peter K
1. Goto the Remote Networking folder and launch Make a New Connection. 2. Select Dial-up Connection then press Next 3. Select your modem, configure it and type in your local MSN access number 4. Go into TCP/IP settings and select all the options (Server-assigned IP address, Server-assigned name server address, Log on to network, Use software compression, Use IP header compression) 5. Launch your new connection and use the following: User: MSN/msn_username Password: msn_password Domain: NOTE: MSN in the User field is a capitalized and the Domain field is blank

Using the HPC as a dumb terminal
Arron Scott
To configure the console port on routers, swicthes and hubs, ensure you have the correct cable to connect them (the standard serial cable makes the HPC a DCE, use a null-modem if you need DTE). Then configure a session in Terminal selecting "Hayes Compatible modem on COM1", set a dummy phone number, go into "Configure" and select the "Manual Dial" option. Start up the session and you should be talking to your device. When connected do not press the "OK" button as this will then try to communicate as through the modem.

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