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HPC.net for PocketPC : Tips and Tricks : Saving Space

Saving Space

Save Space II
Don Maule
If all you really need is plain text, then save your Word document as a Plain Text Document. You'll save several hundred bytes even on a very small file!

saving space
Don Humphrey
saving space: It is possible to save around 150k by deleting the help files and load\unload files from the windows directory. This speeds up the opening of the windows directly due to the decrease of icons. If the help files are still necessary, why not zip them and store the compressed version for emergencies? cool site!

Saving Space
Scott Hoppe
The documents that come with WinCE are stored in ROM in the Windows directory. They are also in RAM in 'My Documents'. If you don't need/use them, delete the copies from 'My Documents', or replace them with shortcuts.

Saving space on your HPC
Fabian W. Waintal
To save some space in the HPC with documents, it's a good idea to save them as text (Save as *.txt) or convert the MS Word documents in the PC first as Text and then transfer them to the HPC (Converter needed) That way, you'll usually save half space of the document and it's also a good way of sending that kind of file (*.txt) to other computer users that don't have the HPC and so they won't have any way of reading a Pocket Word files. Having so less space in this little thing it's always good to find ways of saving space... Like: - get rid of the wave (*.wav) and bitmap (*.bmp) files you won't use at all (they are in the windows directory) - Make a temporary folder to place the files you'll only use for a while, so you'll be able to remove them as soon as you need more space on your HPC. Hope you'll like this tips, and let's see the ones from other HPC users... this little thing is driving me crazy (of happiness) I'm even in Argentina right now, where's not available yet and everyone who sees it can't believe how much it could be done with it. Enjoy the HPC as much as I do!!!!!!

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