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HPC.net for PocketPC : Tips and Tricks : Synchronizing


Email Field in Contacts
Johannes Jansonius
When you enter a new contact on your hpc which contains an e-mail address, this e-mail address is not automatically added to your outlook address book when you do the synchronization with outlook using the new version of hpc explorer. In order for outlook address book to recognize the e-mail field in the new contact, you must first open and edit the e-mail field in the recently transfered contact and then save it. THEN and only then does it automatically show up in the contacts address book as an smtp item.

HP320 Synchronization Problems with Windows95
Larry Reznick
Symptom: When synchronizing using HP/C Explorer two items will get synchronized and then the communications session will timeout. Problem tracked to corrupted registry keys. Workaround: 1.- Deinstall HP/C Explorer using add/remove programs 2.- Reboot 3.- Open the Windows Setup panel under Add/Remove Programs 4.- Uncheck Communications and click ok.  This will uninstall     Windows95 Communications 5.- When finished reboot 6.- Again under Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup tab,     Check Communication and click OK.  This will     reinstall the components removed.  You will need     your Windows95 CD-ROM. 7.- After installation is complete check to make sure     that the TCP/IP protocol is installed. (Network Neighborhood Properties)     If not, add it. 8.- reboot 9.- Reinstall H/PC Explorer and all should now be working.

Outlook Express Contacts to H/PC
This is a method to Synchronize your Outlook Express address book to your H/PC Contacts. Step 1 - From OUTLOOK EXPRESS, select File > Export > Address Book... > Text File (Comma Separated Values). Step 2 - Select a Filename and location for the ???.csv file. Step 3 - From SCHEDULE+, select File > Import > Text... Step 4 - Browse to find file created in Step 2. Click "Next". Step 5 - Select "Yes" to identify first line of data as a list of field names (default). Click "Next". Step 6 - Select "Comma" as separator, and accept " as character used to surround text fields (both default). Click "Next". Step 7 - Select "Contact List" as type of data. Click "Next". Step 8 - A window will come up with the field names from your ???.csv file on the left and "IGNORE THIS FIELD" on the right. For each field you want to use from the left, you must click on "IGNORE ..." and select a matching field name from the pull-down menu. Some fields may not have an identical match, so either "IGNORE" or pick a "User Field #" or another field that suits your need. Step 9 - After matching up the field names, click "Finish". Your Contacts will be updated. Step 10 - Synchronize your H/PC with your desktop PC. Done! Caveat: This was accomplished on my HP Jornada 680, running Windows CE, Handheld PC Edition 3.01. Desktop machine is Pentium II running Windows NT 4.0. Schedule+ Version 7.0a was installed from Windows CE Services 2.2 with ActiveSync CD-ROM that came with Jornada. Bought the machine last night, and just now figured out how to pull this little trick off. I am not a programmer. I do not work for any party even remotely associated with the manufacture, sale, development, programming or distribution of any hardware or software mentioned here. All trademarks blah, blah, blah. YMMV. Pax, Philbert

synchronizing an HPC with a Power Macintosh running Virtual PC
Kennita Watson

Utility for synchronizing Hotmail with PocketPC
We would like to let you know that we have just completed a comprehensive set of instructions how to download MSN Hotmail into Pocket PCs for offline use. The site can be found at The technique is based on using our Pop3Hot software as a synchronization agent on the desktop PC and will enable send and receive of Hotmail with standard tools. No additional software is required on the Pocket PC.

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