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HPC.net for PocketPC : Tips and Tricks : Internet Connection

Internet Connection

Custom Mobile Channels
Jason Patterson

Editing Your Home Page
Justin Hinerman
If you wish to edit the default.htm file, which is the page that, by default, appears when you open Pocket IE, You must first copy it from it from the windows directory to the My HPC folder. Next, change the file extension from .htm to .txt. Then, edit the properties of default.txt so that it is not read-only. Then, open it up in Pocket Word. If you know HTML, you can edit it easily. Then, when your done, save it as a different file name, such as 'mydefault.txt" Then, back in My Hpc, change the file extenion of the page you just created to .htm, copy it back into the \windows directory, and WALA! All you have to do know is change the option of PIE so that your new page appears when you go into Internet Explorer.

IRC Chat software tip:
Fabian W. Waintal
There's no help at all with the IRC free software available on the net (www.windowsce.com) and where you're asked for an IP address, just place if your server gives you one. That's the main problem I know everyone is having with it. It's increible we are able to chat with anyone in the world (I'm in Argentina right now) without paying any long distance call charge, anywhere with this little new thing!!!

ISP Settings for CE

Logging onto the net?
David Murray
If you are having trouble logging on to the net with a PC-card modem where the modem connects but no programs seem to be able to access anything on the net, check that flow-control is set to hardware and try resetting the HPC without the serial link with your desktop PC

Pocket Internet Explorer
I had a problem hitting some websites using Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1. I could no longer reach some websites that I used to be able to visit using PIE. I would get an error message saying that PIE could not reach the site because it was busy or for some other reason. In one case, I was totally redirected to some other, completely unrelated site, even though this did not happen on my desktop. I had no problem reaching any of these sites using my desktop. I tried changing settings on my HPC and using both PC Card and serial modems with different cables, but none of it wirked. I was told by helpful users on newsgroups that this could have been a result of a cracker attack on my DNS, or that some scripting on the sites in question were somehow incompatible with PIE 1.1. However, I found that if I entered a bare IP address instead of a domain name, I could get through to one site. On another, if I left off the "www" part of the domain name, it worked fine on my HPC, even though the "www" part works on my desktop. I never was able to figure out how to get past the redirection problem for that one site, though.

Sharp Mobilon Internet Connecting
Tommy Cowan
I was not able to connect to the internet and at the Tip from www.sharpelectronics.com was to add a modem string to help (s51=8). I tried this and all i got was a lot of modem squacking. So I experimented i entered s51=7 and now after a two second "handshake" I enjoy rock solid connections

Speed up explorer navigation
Justin Karl
I've only had my HP 320lx for a day, and I've already found a great time saver... If you are browsing a window (in explorer) it takes a long time to load all of the icons on the screen. (such as in your windows directory) If you are searching for a specific file, folder, or program, type the first letter of the filename, and the window will automatically scroll to the section of the folder containing your file.

Unable to access Web with Pocket IE 1.1
Mike Roberts
I was able to connect but unable to view web pages with my Compaq C140 after I upgraded IE to 1.1. I finnally fixed the problem by turning off IP Header Compression on the TCP/IP properties of my remote networking connction.

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