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HPC.net for PocketPC : Tips and Tricks : Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

Converting sounds for use on the HPC
Jeff Marek
When converting sounds for use on the HPC you may find that they are too soft to hear. Open the Sound Recorder and edit the sound. Use the effects dropdown and select "Increase volume (25%)". You can do this twice without really distorting the quality of the sound. Now save and move the .wav file to your HPC. You should be able to hear the sound.

Customizing Velo1 Application Launch Buttons:
Jason McInerney
The "alt (#)" fast-launch keys can be altered to launch other executable applications (*.exe).  First, backup the Velo1. Then obtain a registry editor (like RegEditCE available in the shareware section), and install it onto the Velo1 via its instructions. Having all other applications closed, open the registry editor and select "CurrentUser" from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.  Select "AppLaunchPaths" from the resulting menu.  On the right are the numbered keys 9-0 and their corresponding application launch paths ("A" is the outside button which launches the voice memo). Double-tap the key you wish to change, enter the path for the application (I find it easiest to first create a desktop shortcut to the application, view its properties, copy the path with "ctrl c", and past it here with "ctrl v", removing the quotes)in the "Data of the value" box, and tap OK.  Check it by accessing that key.  Of course, BE VERY CAREFUL USING ANY REGISTRY EDITOR AND ALTER NOTHING ELSE! BEFORE CHANGING ANY KEY BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT IT WAS SO YOU CAN CHANGE IT BACK IN CASE YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG (like enter the wrong path)! I can't see much that can go wrong, but if the directions confuse you at all, DON'T DO IT!

Found bug on LG Electronics GP40M
Tom DiZoglio
Found bug on LG Electronics GP40M windows CE device. The bug happens when a flash PC card is inserted into the slot. Open the PC Card folder from the Start/Explore button. With the window open turn the device off. When you turn the machine back on again the screen is blank. To fix you need to force a redraw of the screen. I tried this on the Cassiopeia and it works fine.

Godzilla Easter Egg(Velo1 only)
P. Ju
If you type the word "Godzilla" in Pocket Excel, a loud sound plays.. possibly a pocket rendition of a trampling scene in one of the movies.

Homemade Screen Protectors
Dale Coffing
These instructions were written for my Casio however they are adaptable to any PDA. The downloadable template below has screen sizes for the Casio E-1xx, HP-54x series Pocket PC and thanks to Kent O'Driscoll who provided a template for the Palm IIIxe. Ok, I have had many of you in the Handheld PC market visit here and left me "thank-you" email. Who can send me a template for specific Handheld models like the HP680 to post?

Installing CE Services on Windows NT SP 5
I had a lot of trouble installing CE services on a machine with NT Workstation 4 Service Pack 5 and a pre-existing RAS connection to an ISP over a 56k modem. Here's what I had to do;
1) Leave the pre-existing RAS connection alone. CE Services will not install if you don't have TCP/IP installed, and if you try to install it any way except through dial-up networking, it will ask you to supply an IP address or DHCP server. Even though the CE services install program is going to delete and re-install dial-up networking on your PC, at least you won't have to mess around with TCP/IP settings.
2) Make sure your serial port is turned on in your BIOS. My second port wasn't, and so NT couldn't find the serial port when I tried to connect. A good way to tell is with the 'Ports' application in Control Panel. A useful feature of the 'Ports' application is that if you delete all the ports and then reboot, it will rebuild them all with default settings from the BIOS.
3) When the CE services install program asks you to install dial-up networking, you may have to do this from your original Windows NT Workstation CD. After you have gone through the complete CE services install, you must reinstall the latest NT service pack (in my case, it was SP5). Otherwise, even though your CE device connects, your PC will never be able to detect it.

Memory Crash Prevention
Thawatchai Krisanaprakornkit
If there are strong electrostatic occured in your body, try to ground your hand before touch the Cassiopeia A-20 metal plate. This will prevent A-20 from the memory crash.

If you use B and B's MiniBasic interpreter (there is a link from this site's Software page), you have to type NEW before writing a program.

More Fonts for your PDA
Lee Chee Full
First go to windows(windows 95)-Font and selete the font you want copy it to the PDA windows and do a restart and your new is ready to be use

Moving Data from HP200LX to WinCE.
Chris Browning
Well, many of us old HP200LX users have now upgraded to WinCE devices. The problem is, we packed away so much info into the 200LXs, that we need to get it out or go into a weekend of retyping. Most of the data I wanted out is in the 200Lxs cool notetaker program. Well, being one to look for a more creative solution, I have modified this really nifty gdbdump.exe program to produce output that can be read into Allpen Mobile Database software (it is built into my Velo). So, by using this program, you can convert 200LX .ndb files to a text file that can be imported by Allpen. The program can be found at: http://www.aracnet.com/~cbrown

Organize Your Tasks – and Others’ with This Tip Details

Pesonalizing your HPC
Fabian W. Waintal
- Why have the default bitmap WIndows CE when you can change it??? - What I did was, edit the default.bmp (in the windows directory) and added my full name right under the Windows CE word, right form the paintbrush in the HPC. If you do this from a PC, you can even choose from more fonts and sizes, looking it better and making the HPC YOURS and only YOURS!!! - The same with the wave files. You can record with your own voice in your PC waves like 'closing' or 'minimizing' mixed with the already wave files you have, then just transfer those wave files to your HPC thru the HPC Explorer and change the settings of your audio waves (Start/Settings) - Place a Folder with your own name in the desktop, so you can save any personal files or documents in the future and access them right away with a double tap. I'm a computer journalist and I really enjoy the HPC, you'll find other tips I placed here, hope you'll like them:)

Quick Menu Access
The MS Cascade "power toy" will display it's menu if it's started when already running. By assigning cascade.exe to a "hot key" (assuming you use a hot key program), you can access it's menu using the keyboard, no tapping tiny icons.

Registry Reference
Check out John Whiten's page at http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~whiten/windowsceregistry.htm

Secret Menu for 620LX
Lee Chee Full
Press ON/OFF and CTRL and Backspace and the Right button together and see what happen!

Security Issue concerning WindowsCE Inbox.
Martin Gaedke
More information is available: http://www.teco.uni-karlsruhe.de/~gaedke/WindowsCE

See the Names Of the CE Developers
Dave Fancher
Start a game of Solitare and play until you uncover the Ace of Hearts. Move the Ace to the foundation. Press Control-Alt-Delete to bring up task manager. Press cancel in the task manager window. Click on the Ace of Hearts to bring see the CE Developers!

Sending EXE files with the IR port
Jon Pappas
You know what is really anoying? The fact that you cannot send *.exe files over infra red to another HPC. Windows CE just won't let you do that. I figured out how to get around that. All you have to do is change the file extension! Ex. You want to send the file cascade.exe; 1st-make a copy of the file.; 2nd-change the copy's file extension to .wav. (it becomes unrecognizable); 3nd-send.; 4th-once received on other HPC, change file extension back to .exe (file becomes recognizable); THE FILE WAS SUCESSFULLY SENT!

Richard Manopo
When you are playing Solitaire, Then you are playing with Three Draw Cards. If you wanna to change into One draw card, you don't need to change it from The 'option'. Just hold Ctrl-Shift-Alt When you are clicking on the cards. Now you could see that you can draw One Draw card, without go to the option settings.

Time shifting radio shows
Use your HPC OR PPC time shifting radio shows. The advantages over audio tape include long recording times. Use the fast play feature to get past commercials quicker. Use amplified speakers (designed for Walkman type players) plugged into the headphone jack for louder playback. Go to www.audible.com for audio content to download directly to many CE machines.

Typing on an HPC
Kalon deLuise
It's a lot easier to type on a H/PC if you set it on your fingers and type with your thumbs. Believe it or not, this kind of typing makes you more proficient at typing at a desktop computer.

Windows CE Credits
Richard Manopo
To View The Windows CE Credits, Play Solitaire game. Play the game until you see ace of heart. Double Tap of that card. So it will put on the top above slot. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to view the task manager. Tap cancel. Then click on Ace of heart.

Windows CE on Windows 98.2
Just a little information somebody else migth find useful: I have installed my old windowsCE 2.1 on my new desktop computer with windows 98.2 - it failed! It turns out that solving this required me to install a modem (even if I do not have a modem connected), whereby windows98 installs the proper dial-up adapter. After doing that and re-installing windowsCE it works.

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