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HPC.net for PocketPC : Tips and Tricks : Connecting to Desktop

Connecting to Desktop

Connecting Linux and Windows CE via Serial & IrDA
Arthur Tyde and Bryan Abshier
This will tell you how to set up a masqueraded PPP connection via IrDA from a Windows CE PC Companion to a Linux based notebook computer. Once you are IP connected, the rest is up to you. We put this together as a guide for Sony notbook users with Casio E-100/105 PDA's, though the procedure should work for any Windows CE 2.11 device with infrared capabilities talking to any notebook. Do all the Linux side testing signed on as root, standard warnings apply.

Restoring the Velo after adding DRAM
Zane A. Vandiver
If you changed the connection speed between your desktop and Velo, you must change back to the original 19200 speed to restore the Velo after adding the DRAM upgrade. You must change the speed of the modem connection through the Windows 95 Device Manager and reboot. Then you can do the restore operation.

Save your CPU power
Ronald Poon
Add shortcut to desktop will consume amount of CPU power to redraw the screen, therefore, remove the un-frequent use desktop shortcut! (I've add 12 short cut to desktop and when I close a window and launch other applications, it takes more than 6 seconds to redraw screen and another few seconds. to response my tap action.

Secret Menu
Arthur Vieira
One week ago my PC Companion loked when it was connected to my desktop, because my desktop's Win 95 loked. I made a boot on the desktop and on the HPC but the HPC didn't pass the Welcome Screen. I've contacted Compaq and they showed me a "secret" setup screen, that can reset the PC Companion, and problably the Cassiopeia, to it's initial state, factoty state, but IT ERASES ALL DOCUMENTS AND PROGRAMS leaving only the Windows CE, like when you first turn on the HPC. To do this just: 0 - Make a FULL BACK UP!!!!!! 1 - turn off the HPC 2 - Press, at same time, Control Caps Shift ON Reset. And there is the menu. To leave the menu press reset.

Sending EXE. From Desktop to HPC
Lee Chee Full
Just make a folder and put the EXE. you want and finsh.You now can send the file

Serial Cable Diagnostics
David M. Martin
If you suspect that the reason that you are failing to connect to your host computer is due to your serial cable and you own an HP600 series palmtop I've a solution. Unplug your serial cable from the host computer and take a paper clip and insert into pin 2 and 3 while it's still connected to the powered palmtop. Hold down the power button, CTRL button, the right arrow key and the backspace button at the same time. This will reboot the palmtop. Once the screen goes black, release just the power button. Continue holding down the other three buttons until you hear a tapping sound from the spaekers. Now release the remaining buttons. You'll see a system diagnostics tool that's not in the manual. Select the "Wire Serial" and run "One Loop". The paper clip will continue the cycle so it can test continuity.

Windows Background Image
When converting a background image it's best to convert the graphic on your 'BIG' computer to 4 colors/grey scale while using a dithered setting. Then move the file to your windows directory on your hpc.

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