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Remote Access WAN Wrapper


Remote Access WAN Wrapper


J. Richards

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10/22/1998 3:53:41 PM


I have purchased a Nino Series 300 device and
have it connected to my PC running MS NT 4.0
Workstation (service pack 3). The Nino is
connected through the serial port and the
PC is on a LAN. The device works fine when my
network adapter (3Com Fast Etherlink XL PCI
10/100 MB Adapter (3c905)) is bound to tcp/ip
with a static address. I have been testing DHCP
whereby I have removed my tcp/ip configuration
and set up the communication to utilize dynamic
addressing. I have not experienced the following
problem on any other PC that does not have a
Hand Held Device attached to it.

The problem encountered was that the DHCP
configuration would not work unless I deleted my
3COM card and reinstalled it, rebinding the
tcp/ip and configuring DHCP at the same time.
The the Nino would not work either until I had
performed this action. As noted above,
the devices were working fine until I changed
the configuration.

My question is this: Can anyone enlighten me
about how the Remote Access WAN Wrapper works?
We have seen similar problems with other Hand
Held Devices here at work (utilizing static
addressing only) and would like to be proactive
about resolving the problem before it becomes an
epidemic. We want to avoid frustration for PC
clients as well as our NT team.

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