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LG Phenom Ultra - Battery Not Recognized


LG Phenom Ultra - Battery Not Recognized


Noah Miller

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4/2/2001 12:35:07 PM


Hi -

Battery issues seem to be a recurring theme of late, but my battery problem is a little different, so I thought I'd post a new topic and see if anyone knows a fix.

The right hinge connecting the screen to the main unit broke on my phenom. This is also where the actual electrical contacts connect the main unit to the screen. So, I put the contact back in it's proper socket and everything worked just fine. Unfortunately, since the hinge was was still broken, the contact kept pulling out until the little socket holder broke. I left the unit sitting (with a charged battery) for about 2 weeks before I figured out a way to reattach the screen. Well, I did reattach it, and the screen works again, but now it will only work when plugged in. Kinda defeats the whole portability thing.

When it's plugged in, it says that the backup battery is there and its charge is good, but the instant I unplug it, it shuts down and does a full reset. When I plug it in again, I'm back to the very beginning - calibrating the touch screen, entering the date/time, etc.

Anybody have any clue what's going on? Why does the back-up battery register when plugged in, but effectively vanish when unplugged. And, most importantly, what's with the main battery? Why is it not working when it was fine just two weeks ago?

Thanks in Advance,

Noah Miller

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