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4/16/2002 10:41:30 AM


I'd like to get my friend's Cassiopeia A-11 up and running. It doesn't have the synch cable/cradle anymore. I do have a Pocket PC and I'm using that unit's IR port to transfer files. So far I've successfully copied exe files (i.e. games) onto the A-11 via IR.

However, when I copied CAB files onto the A-11 and tried to execute the file from within the A-11, in the hope that it would install, the Windows CE on the A-11 doesn't recognize the file. I'm trying to install, Mobipocket, and another book reader application, all HPC versions.

Is there a workaround this problem? How come the CAB files won't run from within the Windows CE on the A-11? Is there a way to get those CAB files to run? Is there a CAB file for the Pocket Internet Explorer?

Please help. Thanks.

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Thanks for your reply .

I'd like to install applications onto my friend's Cassiopeia A-11 HPC. The only thing that he has is the unit. No sync cable. No way to connect it to a desktop computer to transfer files.

However, I have an iPaq Pocket PC. I was able to overcome the problem of not having a sync cable for the A-11 HPC by transferring files onto it from my iPaq via infrared. I have copied Tarot, Tetris, Egg Timer, Battery State, and Space Invaders. Remember, the Cassiopeia A-11 is running Windows CE 1.0 ONLY.

Those applications and games were easy because once inside the HPC the only thing that one has to do is double-tap on them. They are of themselves executable.

Now I would like to install CAB files onto the A-11. Copying is not a problem. All it takes is an infrared transfer. However, the CAB files won't install once double-tapped from within the A-11 Explorer. Now with most palm-sized and Pocket PCs that I've encountered they would install. But with the A-11 it would report that there is no such file association.

Is there a way to install applications in CAB files to the A-11 by just using infrared? There is no sync cable.

Also, is there a way to install Pocket Internet Explorer with just the means available (infrared only, no sync cable)?

Thanks .

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