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RE: Database Apps with large amount of data


RE: Database Apps with large amount of data


Mailing List Member


3/12/1998 12:00:00 AM


I have posted about CodeBase, and I am using it. It is very adequate,
though I have not tried having more than a few thousand records in one
table. I am using about 27 relationally linked tables, with numbers of
records ranging from 0/1 to ~2000. Performance is several orders of
magnitude better than the Object Store.

In my performance checking, I clocked the CodeBase database at 300 =
the speed of the Object Store in some operations, and clearly faster in
all operations. The only place that was close was deletion, and that
only if I added a pack call (to physically remove the record from the
data file).

BTW, Sequiter has made an official port of CodeBase to CE now. I
actually made my own port before they did theirs, and I ported more of
the system than they did. They only ported the C interface, where I
ported the C++ layer also, though otherwise our ports are very similar.
I prefer to use the C++ interface, so I kept my port for now. They
promised me that they would release the C++ portion later. You can =
~$100 US if you port it yourself, but there are enough gotchas in that
process that I would suggest buying their port, and if you want the C++
interface just port that portion. (In case it is not clear, CodeBase
comes with full source code)

Tom Meissner

> ----------
> From: Moyses Barbalat[SMTP:barbalat@iname.com]
> Sent: Thursday, March 12, 1998 8:54 AM
> To: Windows CE Developers
> Subject: [developers] Database Apps with large amount of data
> Hello ALL...
> Is anybody building a Database Apps that manipulate more than
> 10,000=20
> register ??
> If so, what do you use to access and store your data ?
> To me, Object Store doesn=B4t seem to be a good solution.
> I heard about CodeBase for Windows CE, but I haven=B4t seen =
> talking about it.
> Regards...
> Moyses, Jorge and Jobson
> Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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