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Pocket PC2002 word processor for 5MB+ docs


Pocket PC2002 word processor for 5MB+ docs


Mailing List Member


4/9/2002 12:00:00 AM


We are using PocketPC 2002 on an HP Jornada 560
series with 64 MB ram and 64MB CompactFlash card. We
are looking for a word processing program that will
edit somewhat large text files (say 5 to 10 MB for
now, desiring up to 50 MB in a year or so). We
normally keep the document on a CompactFlash card in
the Jornada. So far we have not found a word
processor that works reliably with even a 1MB size
file. (We refer to trying Pocket Word and
CEdit--neither of them worked reliably, even obtaining
support from Microsoft Tech Support*.) We're hoping
you may be able to refer us to a candidate
off-the-shelf word processor to try. If you don't
know of one, might you be interested in writing one
for us, and if so will you please email us a rough
quote and estimated completion time frame.

*Pocket Word Problems:
We can not always open large files (we usually can
only open around 1 MB files, though Microsoft could
open up to 8MB files with pictures).
When we can open a large file, we can not edit it.
Specifically, after changing or adding 3 to 20
characters, then the characters get garbled.

Wish List:
1) 5 to 10 MB document size for now, stored on a
CompactFlash card, desiring up to 40 to 50 MB in a
year or so
2) plain text is adequate, maybe include bold
3) required editor functions: find, copy, cut, paste,
and save--from command bar icons
4) A main objective is the ability to download the
document from a desktop Windows XP machine to the
Jornada, edit it on the Jornada, then upload it to the
Windows XP machine where it is to be further edited,
then to repeat the cycle.

Thank you for your consideration of this query,
your quote, and/or any leads you can send.

Ron Thornton, Phone 801-328-8855
Steven Retz, sjretz@yahoo.com

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