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RE: My E-mail is now fixed....Thank God..


RE: My E-mail is now fixed....Thank God..


Mailing List Member


11/3/1998 12:00:00 AM


Well, I own a LG H-120F (the one before the express), and there are just a few things...

Pay close attention to the Temporary Internet Files folder. IE does not do a good job of deleting the
files in that folder (even with the cache set to minimum). You need to physically delete these files, else the machine will bog down considerably, and can hang. This scared me initially, because I have a 15MB CFC, and when there are too many temp files, the driver for it will not load, and I can't access most of my information.
Deleting these files and resetting the machine are the only answer. Now, I don't know if they fixed this problem with the Express (and the Express is faster, too), but I seem to recall IE had the same problem on desktops.

Batteries will run down quite quickly using a CFC or a PCMCIA Card. Battery power seems to be about 4 hours avg runtime, 3 with a CFC, and 1 with a PCMCIA card. Now, I use a 56K PCMCIA Modem (hated the 19.2k), so I have to swap it out when I leave home or office, else bye bye batteries. If you can get Lithiums, fine,you get about double the time.

What else.....oh yes. I had a problem with the actual machine itself. Wouldn't turn on. Period. I about had a heart attack. Seems the batteries didn't seat properly, or something. I shook it, and it worked. Damned if I really know what happened. Went thru that twice so far.

But all in all, I would buy this HPC again. I love it, and it's helped me time and time again.

Any other questions, please ask.


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