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Re: LOL: the first antivirus program is here


Re: LOL: the first antivirus program is here


Mailing List Member


11/4/1998 12:00:00 AM


John Kennedy, Akiva Atwood, Eric Davies, and Mark Ulrich wrote:

> The stage has been set! Colin! John! Graham! All you developers out
> there! You have viruses to write :) You know, just to help out the
> maker of this anti virus program....
> Mark

How did *I* get lumped in with those hoodlums? I'm Mr. Clean! (The Jam...)
{If I get the chance, I'll.... your life!}

> I think the only people who know how to write a CE virus are the people
> who wrote the anti-virus program. Which means if we actually see any CE
> viruses we'll know where they came from....
> Eric

I'm not a paranoid (shhh...), but I'd have to say that since there have
been no stories in any of the rags (industry rags, not the off-the-shelf
consumer crap "Yahoo Internet Life!" type magazines Mark reads), and
McAfee hasn't produced a scanner for CE, that no CE viruses exist. So,
either the scanner is ground up, strained, and reheated BS, or they
wrote the virus.

> Well, *I* know how (I started writing an Anti-Virus program a year ago...and
> stopped because there wasn't a (honest) market.
> Akiva

I applaud you for such a tough ethical decision... make boatloads of
dough, or be honest?

> I'm *sure* it's a scam...even if it *does* work. Which I doubt...it's
> probably a port of a Win32 (x86) program, looking for x86 op codes on a
> non-x86 CPU...
> Akiva

Exactly my analysis. How can you build a heuristics engine for patterns
that don't exist? It's like writing a dictionary for a language that's
yet to emerge...

> Just had an email back. They say that there are currently no CE viruses,
> and that their software checks for existing PC viruses. So there you are.
> John

Yes... there you have it. This is so incredibly lame. I certainly
wouldn't condemn someone who hacked their web site. Or did nasty things
with their email system. Or egged the CEO's car. Or shaved his cat.
Or ordered a dozen toilets to be shipped COD to the product manager's
house. Or ordered one "anal intruder" for each programmer and manager
to be shipped to the office, paid with the company's credit card.

I certainly wouldn't do these things (I'm married, I'm Mr. Clean!), but
I woudn't think less of the young fellow who did. This kind of stuff
(B.S. programs marketed at the dim and gullible) is what makes us honest
Joes look bad, and hurts the computer industry as a whole.

(snicker) don't EVEN ask me what I think about companies that sell
animated color "screen savers" and actually claim that they prevent burn
in... especially on LCD monitors...

(P.S. color screens don't burn in. The best thing you can do for your
color monitor is to TURN IT OFF - highly animated screen savers left on
all night only wear the monitor out. "All Black" screen savers that trip
on the monitor's suspend mode are a good choice, too. LCDs fade out
with use...)

Colin Ritchie Director of Product Development (DPD)
isitech@4dcomm.com Imaging Strategies

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