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Re: Connectivity Help


Re: Connectivity Help


Mailing List Member


11/4/1998 12:00:00 AM


At [Tue, 3 Nov 1998 19:13:41 -0600]
"Charles Sturdivant" wrote:

> I bought a Phenom in May and since the com ports on my office PC were full I
> also bought a SUNIX/Dolphin PCI serial card. The extra com ports worked for
> a while but after a PLC programming job, a hard disk crash and a Windows 98
> upgrade, the ports are dead as a hammer. Windows sez they work but you all
> know that lie..... Is there any way I can unplug my external modem and use
> com 2 with my CE machine or am I stuck with massaging that darn card and
> drivers.
You can run both on the com port, no problem. I do this also; I run
various devices on COM2 (mostly the different signature capture and ID
verification systems we support) as well as my HPC. Here's what you
need to do:

Load your CE Services, and tell it that you want to use COMx. Then, the
icon will be in your system try. Double click on it, and you should get
to the Properties dialog; if not, right click and choose Communications.

Under the Communications tab, click the "Auto Connect..." button.
Select "Only while the mobile devices window is open", then click OK.
Click OK again to get out of the Properties dialog. Now you can use
your COM port for whatever you want (modem).

When it's time to sync your HPC, plug it into the COM port. Then, right
click on the CE Services icon in your system tray. Select "Open Mobile
Devices". CE Services will now take control of the serial port, and
make a connection to your HPC. Voila.

Colin Ritchie Director of Product Development (DPD)
isitech@4dcomm.com Imaging Strategies

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