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Re: What printers work


Re: What printers work


Mailing List Member


11/4/1998 12:00:00 AM


I have never attempted color on my CE unit to be honest, but was stating
that the feature exists in the printer. I know that JetCE Print at:
http://www.westtek.com/products2.htm is supposed to support color through
CE. It is also supposed to print from most print enabled programs (such as
Excel) without difficulty. bPrint requires soom hoops or BETA software to
allow this feature. I have not had the time to test this software yet, so
I am not sure how well it works.

Either way, I purchased the printer which allows color functionality on
notebooks and other systems in addition to having the functionality of
color when I decide to try out the color print utility from Westtek. Sorry
I was not clear on that.

Christopher A. Leonti
Director of Information Systems
Consolidated Amusement Co., LTD.

At 03:31 PM 11/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Does bPrint print in color? Even on a non-color unit, like my Velo 500?
>I'd like to
>>know as I'm buying a package of software from them quite soon.
>>Christopher Leonti wrote:
>>> With the full version of Bprint, the Citizen PN60 works great. You can
>>> the PN60i for a slight amount more and then you will not need any cables
>>> (the 'i' is for infrared). This is even a color printer and works well
>>> enough to get the job done. You won't be using this for any high volume
>>> printing, but to get a quick memo, notes or other simpler documents it
>>> works great. The printer is about 10" L x 2" W x 2" H and weighs about
>>> pounds. Add a pound and half an inch in height and you can have a battery
>>> as well, which makes you 100% portable - no AC to print and edit
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Christopher A. Leonti
>>> Director of Information Systems
>>> Consolidated Amusement Co., LTD.

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