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Re: What Windows CE applications are needed?


Re: What Windows CE applications are needed?


Mailing List Member


11/5/1998 12:00:00 AM


We use 1024x768 on our Dell w/ 19" screen. Just thought I'd let you know.


Christopher Leonti wrote:

> Maybe you should check your monitor or what method is being used to create
> the PDF files. I have absolutely no problem with a majority of PDF files
> on my 17" 1024 x 768 monitor (thought I was the only 1024 x 768 user),
> although some are a little unclear. I have dialed in using PC Anywhere to
> my desktop and read many PDF files with minimal difficulty, so I imagine I
> could read them in a native reader.
> Just my two cents - I would buy it if it existed.
> Christopher A. Leonti
> Director of Information Systems
> Consolidated Amusement Co., LTD.
> At 06:29 PM 11/5/98 +0000, you wrote:
> >At 08:13 05/11/98, you wrote:
> >
> >>2) Ability to read Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Files.
> >
> >I'm still not convinced on this one. I can't read PDF files easily
> >on my 17" 1024 by 768 monitor. Trying to read them on a 320 by 240
> >pixel display wouldn't be much fun.
> >
> >John
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