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Re: What Windows CE applications are needed?


Re: What Windows CE applications are needed?


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11/10/1998 12:00:00 AM


I would love to see an application which would work with Primavera Project
Planner and Suretrack to update schedule activities while walking through a

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I would love to see project management software compatible with Microsoft
Project. Casio had a version that was set to not work on anything but a
Casio. It was also a little clumsy to use (project files had to be
converted to text files and required two equal high level tasks at the
start of the project). Now that I have moved on (I'm still deciding if
that's a good thing!) to an LG Phenom, I am in need of Project management
software once again....

> On 11/04/98, ""David C. Kumpf" " wrote:
> I've been noodling for awhile on the question of whether I should begin
> working on development of applications for the Windows CE platform. Being
> able to do it isn't the issue. The issue is:
> "What sorts of applications do people want for Windows CE?"
> I have lots of interesting thoughts about this, but I really want to know
> what you, the users, want and need. You can reply to the list or email me
> directly. I'm curious to see what pops up. Thanks.
> Dave Kumpf
> Optimetra, Inc.
> mailto:dkumpf@optimetra.com
> http://www.optimetra.com
> (719) 481-2956

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