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Re: Velo1 Backup Battery


Re: Velo1 Backup Battery


Mailing List Member


11/11/1998 12:00:00 AM


The backup battery lasts 5 years if you do not go too low on your main
battery charge. This is also if your machine does not sit with a message
popping up while it is being sent to service and being sent back. I have
one user that leaves his HPC in his office whenever he goes on a business
trip (I know it doesn't make sense). When he does this, it pops up with a
message shortly after he leaves and wears down the main and then the backup
battery by the time he returns. He has gone through 4 batteries in 6 months.

You can go to almost any store that sells cameras to get the backup
battery. Suggestions: Long's, Target or K-Mart.

Hope it helps,

Christopher A. Leonti
Director of Information Systems
Consolidated Amusement Co., LTD.

At 08:36 AM 11/11/98, you wrote:
>I just got my Velo1 back from their Warranty hinge repair (its been hell
>going through the last 10 days or so without it.) I have a backup battery
>warning popping up now, though, which is quite annoying.
>My first question is - weren't these batteries supposed to last somewhere
>on the order of 5 years? Kinda odd that mine is so low after 1.5 years of
>use. *shrug*
>Secondly. I hopped on Philips' site looking for information about where I
>could pick up a backup battery, and they had no information about it.
>Looking at the battery, I would guess that its a pretty standard type.
>Could I go to a jeweler or something like that and buy one from them?
>Anyone know where I might pick one up other than that?
>TIA. Regards,

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