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Re: Error synchronizing with Outlook. Error: 8018000B


Re: Error synchronizing with Outlook. Error: 8018000B


Mailing List Member


11/11/1998 12:00:00 AM


Have you tried a reset of the Nino (Star/Programs/Reset)? That takes care
of many problems like this. Also, is outlook up and running when you
attempt to sync? I have heard (but never seen) cases where having
ActiveSync try to start Outlook will give this type of error. Just for
grins, you might want to get SP4 for NT and try that. Since it is already
not working, this might help out and can't hurt.

I am very surprised to see this on a blank PST. Have you tried a sync to
another workstation just to be sure? If the above suggestions don't work,
you are probably looking at a registry problem. Outlook 98 is notoriously
awful about stuff like this and probably the simplest way around it is to
backup the PC data, blow it away and reinstall everything. Might sound
like it will take a while, but you will eat up a lot of time screwing
around with the little nagging problems in a very short period and this
will almost positively take care of that.

Sorry I could not be a brighter ray of light for you,

Christopher A. Leonti
Director of Information Systems
Consolidated Amusement Co., LTD.

At 05:20 PM 11/11/98, you wrote:
>I just bought a Philips Nino 312, running CE 2.0, and is connected to my NT
>Workstation desktop. The connection came up fine without any problem.
>ActiveSync sync's the files, and Inbox messages just fine. However if
>Task, Calender, or Contacts is enabled in ActiveSync, it fails with the
>following message:
>"Initialization of Microsoft Outlook synchronization service was not
>successful. Error: 8018000B"
>I am presently using the eval copy of RandSoft Harmony 98 which works great
>with Outlook, but I don't want to spend $39 to buy it. The out-of-the-box
>Outlook connectivity is the main reason I bought a PalmPC instead of the
>I have tried the following:
>- re-installed Outlook98
>- gone back to Outlook97
>- tried both versions of Outlook with a new (and blank) outlook.pst file
>- ensured that SP3 for NT 4.0 is installed
>Please help!

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