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Own a handheld PC?


Own a handheld PC?


Mailing List Member


11/13/1998 12:00:00 AM


Well, a while ago I had introduced a web poll on H/PC's and which units
that people currently owned. Well, I've recently been able to disable
IP and cookie checking so that you can vote more than once if you were
unable to vote again. I'm resetting the values to zero and would
appreciate it if everyone who had an H/PC to please revote (I'm starting

fresh and would like everyone to participate). The process is quick and

painless and I would very much appreciate it if you picked the H/PC that

you currently own. You can now vote more than once (though I would
appreciate if you didn't so I can keep the polls accurate). The purpose

of this poll is to get an approximation of which H/PC is one of the more

popular choices. Thanks for taking the poll!

Dan Huber


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