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Re: New maps for Pocket Streets (WAS: Need- Austin map)


Re: New maps for Pocket Streets (WAS: Need- Austin map)


Mailing List Member


11/19/1998 12:00:00 AM


I find this hard to swallow (not saying i dont trust any of you folks, i'm
saying MS is being silly). Why would they not permit files for download
over the internet? HTML is downloaded to a pc to be used therefore MS is
permitting something which is in violation of thier EULA. I know its
splitting hares and all, but still...

What about email? Can you distribute the files via email? How does this
differ from putting it on a disk? Or how about ftp?

I read the Expedia EULA when i tried to install it and it didnt say
anything about generated data files.

However, the law is the law... the website idea is out. But i still plan
to (privately) email maps to everyone who asked. :)

However, the CD we have here at work is bad. So i either gotta buy another
copy (gak) or wait a few weeks till i can get mine from home. Unless
someone has Expedia installed on thier PC and is willing to send me some
files (not all of them, maybe a dozen or so.. although i'm sure this is
illegal according to the EULA's and etc, regardless of whether or not i
have licenses for 2 copies. -sigh-)

Ah well... i'll mail those who mailed me and keep ya updated.

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