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RE: MP 700


RE: MP 700


Mailing List Member


11/19/1998 12:00:00 AM


> The MP 700 is apparently a real dog.
Now you're stepping on the toes of my MP700 ;-)

I've yet to see a
> complimentary review
> of it.
Me too, as well as reviews for the Phenom express and the Uniden PPC :-(

But I have one and like it a lot. Some reasons. Only grayscale unit with a
near laptop size keyboard, biggest grayscale display, 33.6k modem, CF and
Type II slot etc. Accessories are relatively cheap, a battery pack from NEC
for 10 bucks and a 32MB memory upgrade from Kingston for around 100 dollars
(this one fits also in the MP750)

> The MP 750C, however, is a totally different animal.
Faster processor, standard more memory and even bigger screen. Apparently it
is one of the fastest units around.

> From what I've
> read, the MP 700 seems like a "first draft" of the MP 750C - an apparently
> excellent machine. Personally I'd pass on a 700, and save that money for
> the 750C's which I think will get dumped within the next 6-9
> months like the
> 400/450's did.

I am waiting for that too, they are relatively expensive now (799) compared
to the Phenoms/Compaq and HP color HPCs and the new HPC pros that are
appearing, so I am sure they will drop down before they get dumped.

Just my 2 cents,

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