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RE: Windows CE and PCMCIA Problem


RE: Windows CE and PCMCIA Problem


Mailing List Member


11/19/1998 12:00:00 AM


> I have an Ericsson MC-12 With CE V 1.0 and would like to use a Psion
> Dacom Gold Multi-Function PC Card(V34 + Fax + Ethernet) but when I
> insert the card into the MC-12's PCMCIA slot and reset the machine it
> knows that there is a PCMCIA card there because it asks if I wish to
> use the battery power to operate it but when I use the remote terminal
> program to use the card it doesn't appear on the list of modems and it
> doesn't work.

Take a look at system information icon in controlpanel to see if the card
shows up there.

> I've tried another Psion Dacom Gold PC Card (56K + GSM - NO Ethernet)
> and the MC-12 recognises it and it works.
> Can someone tell me what the problem is here ?
> 1. Is it that the MC-12 needs to be upgraded to CE2.0
> or
Probably not

> 2. Is it that there are problems with mutifunctional cards (DATA/FAX/
> ETHERNET) running on the MC-12

I do not think HPCs in general are able to run multifuntional cards, even my
labtop is not able to run my Eiger multifunction modem/ethernet card
although I spend ours on the phone with technical support.

> or
> 3. Does the MC-12 need some sort of driver loaded on it and if
> so which

I think so, to have a chance to get it to work you would need drivers and I
don't think those will be available soon. Even 3com just now released Ce
drivers for some of their network cards I heard.

Hope this helps a bit

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