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PPC Task managers


PPC Task managers


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11/19/1998 12:00:00 AM


G'day. So i finally decided to register EZOS Taskman.. its a superb tool
and frankly its worth the money. But upon checking out Ezos's webpage, i
find you can only purchase the software as part of a bundle. (I mailed
ezos asking if they will sell it seperately, but pending a responce i'll
assume they dont). I'm not paying $50 for a task manager (the other
software in the bundle is nice but useless to me).. so i'm looking for
other task managers which even come close to Ezos. The only other one i
can find is bTASK. (Theres a half dozen more but they all just open the
task menu and dont have 1/4th the features Ezos and bTask have).... bTASK
is apparently nearly identical to Ezos. Moreso since bSquare says that
they only sell it as.. a bundle. I fail to understand why bSquare would
have to wait till Q1/1999 to sell a software seperately when they have the
software available and ready now. I'm not spending $79 bucks for a task
manager... geez.

I guess i fail to understand why people are making bundles. I've discussed
the issue with several other ppc owning friends and they all agree, only
selling via a bundle is absurdly stupid. None of us would ever buy a
bundle just for one program and almost all bundles only have one useful
program (bSquare bundle is pretty nice but again, all i want from it is the
bTask and its not worth $79...).

If any of you are developers out there and are considering selling your CE
programs, please at least offer it seperately if you plan to do a bundle.
Who knows, you may even sell a few copies. :)

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