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Re: Help with a e-mail problem


Re: Help with a e-mail problem


Mailing List Member


11/21/1998 12:00:00 AM


Unfortunately, your ISP is like some of the others that CE users have (such as myself).
They require that you place the triangle brackets in your return address information and
the recipient's address in order for it to send correctly (PC E-mail software does this
automatically, where as CE Inbox doesn't). In other words, when you go to your mail
service properties in Windows CE Inbox, and find the SMTP information, under the return
address field, place your E-mail address in this manner:

while filling in the appropriate user name and such

You must also type in the recipient's E-mail address as follows:

and also filling in the appropriate information

By implementing these two procedures, you should then be able to send E-mail. Let me know
if this solves your problems. It worked for me.


tamas csakai wrote:

> You must call your service provider and they have to know your smtp-pop info.
> Bests Tamas Csakai Budapest
> Austin Pack wrote:
> > > I am wondering if anybody here is useing uswest as an ISP? If you are then can you
> > > help me with a problem? With the e-mail I can recieve e-mail but when I try to send
> > > it it won't let me. I think that it needs to have a SMTP host but all I have is the
> > > POP host and it won't send through that just recieve. If you can offer any help it
> > > would be appreciated
> >
> > Austin Pack
> >
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