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Re: Sorry but Windows is not an OS


Re: Sorry but Windows is not an OS


Mailing List Member


11/25/1998 12:00:00 AM


In a message dated 11/25/98 3:58:40 PM Pacific Standard Time,
mroczkow@flash.net writes:

Windows98/95/3.1X are interpreter overlays to the DOS running in the
background. Microsoft would dearly love for you to believe that they are
OS's, etc. However, simplistic explanations and analogies won't make it so.

I MUST say, I have been developing Windows code (device driver and otherwise)
since aroud 1988 (windows 3.0) and I do not KNOW what you are talking about
NOR have I ever heard the term " interpreter overlays" applied to operating

Please read the following SLOWY as there are some on this list who apparantly
need it..

DOS fuctionality: Managing FILES\Disk volumes
DOS Also has some utilities that come with it (i.e. GWBASIC EDLIN etc..) But
these are not loaded 100% of the time, so I would not consider them a part of
the "core" operating system.. (Btw- as far as OS's are concerned, DOS is
pretty wimpy)..

The BIOS and the Video card are what one normally interfaces with to DISPLAY
things, DOS is what one interfaces to READ AND WRITE FILES..

NOW, Window 3.1 was pretty lame in MANY regards, but let's look at the
features it had:

16 Bit FILE ACCES through DOS
32 Bit File Access
Virtual Memory
Multi-Threading (YEs it DID indeed have multi-threading- between multiple DOS
VM's (windows is running DOS UDERNEATH it to accomplish this )(this is how you
could have multiple DOS windows open uder Windows 3.1)
Device Drivers providing Device Independance
A multimedia subsystem (lame but it worked)
And (later with Windows for WorkGroups 3.11) a Networking LAYER, which
abstracted the network card. - WHICH MEANS I can write my networking code once
and have it work with many different cards..

NOW let's look at what DOS provides:

Management of FILES

That's it, ZIPPPO,

So you sir DO NOT have a CLUE as to what you are talking about.....

But, as I sigh, I remember that it is everyone's given right to be an absolute
fool, and total idot in the face of reality..........

Have a nice day...

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