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ANN : WindowsCE Webring & Apps Wishlist update


ANN : WindowsCE Webring & Apps Wishlist update


Mailing List Member


12/2/1998 12:00:00 AM


Hi everybody,

I've somehow been away from the WindowsCE community for the last months
for various reasons including working on the graphics of Scott Ludwig's
PocketChess for both WindowsCE HPC/PPC and Epoc32 (with Fred Bouvry
working on the port) and having fun programming my PsionS5 with OPL. A
thing I hope to do soon with WindowsCE with NSBasic/CE.

But this week-end, I thought it was a good time to come back to CE and
to manage the 2 projects I was caring about for the last 2 years working
in the shadows of what developpers were releasing *smile*. I only wish I
could be paid for managing them, The WindowsCE Apps Wishlist and the
WindowsCE Webring, both can be found at the following urls :


You can also register your site to the webring at


Here's more info about the WindowsCE Webring and Apps Wishlist :

- WindowsCE Webring News -

During this time, I've tried my best to maintain the WindowsCE Webring,
adding and verifying the new sites that registered the ring, but the
bare minimum. This week-end I decided it was time to completely verify
the WindowsCE Webring, to delete the site that weren't showing the
webring code anymore, to send emails to those who didn't have a proper
code, etc, etc. Just to say that the WindowsCE Webring is now up to date
and that it can be browsed from the first site to the last using the
webring urls. It was a long and tedious update, but I'm now quite happy
it's done !

I'm now more than ever commited to manage the webring, so if you are the
owner or the manager of a WindowsCE Website and want to increase the
number of people visiting your site, the WindowsCE Webring is the way to
go. The WindowsCE Webring is generating more than 60,000 hits per months
and can generate around 200 hits for one site only ! It is currently the
2nd highest computer webring at Webring.org and is currently hosting
more than 175 sites !

- WindowsCE Apps Wishlist -

The WindowsCE Apps Wishlist has been updated as of 1 December 1998, this
was a long overdue update of around 50-75 new wishes. The Wishlist is
now hosting more than 485 WindowsCE related wishes ! If you want
something for your WindowsCE, the Wishlist is the best way to let people
and developpers know about it !

Finally I would like to thank Panutat Tejasen from Jimmy and Bernard
Torbik from Shore Systems for hosting the sites and for their support
over the last 2 years !



Christian Morency

"I don't know you, therefore I don't trust you."
"There's full of people you don't know."
"I worry about that all the time."
-Garibaldi, Babylon5

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