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CT-XE/PPC Questions/Problems


CT-XE/PPC Questions/Problems


Mailing List Member


12/2/1998 12:00:00 AM


G'Day. I'm playing with XT-CE for my E-11 PPC and i am having a few odd
problems. First, i cant input anything from the softkeyboard and/or JOT.
Occasionally the letter will go through but it slows down the system to a
crawl when it works. But if i remap the function keys on the top of the XT
window it works flawlessly. Is there some keyboard/JOT setting somewhere
where i have something going on?

Secondly, i downloaded the demo version of Dr DOS by Caldera (nobody here
has any old dos 6.2 boot disks... if anyone has an image they would be
willing to send me (you gotta trust me when i tell you i own 6.2 i just
lost the media.. seriously) i'd be much obliged). But i cant figure out
how to map your RAM and/or Storage card to appear as a c:\ directory. From
what i understand, one of the features is the ability to do that but how?
Also, when i do try to create a new virtial c:\ it errors and says that it
can not create the file, even though i have 1.5 megs free on my main ram
and at least 10mb on my card.. and the virtual image i'm trying to make is
only 1mb.

Any help would be appreciated. If i can resolve the keyboard problem this
might be a great and wonderful program...

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