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RE: accented characters


RE: accented characters


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12/9/1998 12:00:00 AM


Applian CharMap 2.0 seems to work very well. http://www.applian.com

It places an icon in the system tray which when double-tapped opens up a
grid showing all the valid characters for a given font. Tapping the required
character closes CharMap and pasts that character directly into whatever
application you were running. It is basically like the Windows9x/NT applet
but using fewer keystrokes.



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As you noted, you can press Alt + ### to input a character, but this sucks
if you need to input a lot of accented characters. The keyboard input on
Windows CE HPC devices is implemented by each OEM in their keyboard driver.
So if you buy, say, a French device, you get a French keyboard. I guess you
would like a way to somehow remap keys on the keyboard?

An ambitious programmer could write a program that pastes accented
characters into controls and hook it up to the application buttons. (The
programs associated with the buttons are in the registry under
HKLM\Software\Shell\Keys\... The NEC Mobile Pro includes a control panel
utility to change these key bindings.

> From: Bernardo Marcelo Brummer [mailto:bbrummer@solar.com.br]
> Anyway, MS forgot (IMHO that looks quite bad for them)
> something as basic as acents support, but as I don't type
> that much in my Mobilon, that's basically enough, but if
> someone has a better solution, I would very much like to hear it.

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