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HPC.net for PocketPC : Classified Ads : Mint NEC MobilePro 750C more Extras for sale
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Package includes:
    * 1- NEC MobilePro 750C w/ Preinstalled Operating System Microsoft Windows CE 2.0
Hardware included:
    * 1- AC Adapter
    * 1- Lithium ion Battery
    * 1- Stylus Pen
    * 1- NEC Factory Protective neoprene case .
    * 1- USB to Infrared Port sync Cable, it is easier and faster than the serial cable. with the original package , includes usb cable, usb-Infrared  head,  manual, CD-ROM
    * 1- 16 bit 10Mbps powersaver Network Card  for NEC mobilepro, It's installed & used it already, with original manual dongle ether cable & driver
    * 1 -  new cell Battery
    * Pre Installed Software: Microsoft Pocket Word v2.0
      Microsoft Pocket Excel v2.0
      Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint v2.0
      Microsoft Pocket Outlook, Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks v2.0
      Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer v2.0
      Microsoft Ink Writer
      Microsoft Remote Networking
      Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime & MFC
      Microsoft World Clock
      Microsoft Voice Recorder
      Microsoft Calculator
      Microsoft Solitaire
    * Dimensions- 9.65 in. (w) x 5.43 in. (d) x 1.24 in. (h)
    * Weight- 1.88 lb. (with Battery)
    * 8 inch, 640 x 240, 256 color, backlight, liquid crystal display (LCD) touch-screen
    * NEC V R4111 (MIPS) 80MHz Processor (24KB cache)
    * 16 megabytes (MB)- expandable to 32MB of Random Access Memory (RAM)
    * 16 MB Read Only Memory (ROM)- Upgradeable!
    * 80-key QWERTY Keyboard with Stylus Pen,  it's a  truely  keyedable  keyboard, not like other handheld pc,  you still need buy another outside keyboard.
    * Internal Modem:Data- 33.6Kbps (AT Command) Fax 9.6Kbps (Fax Class I )

    * 1- Serial Port (Direct Cable Connection)
    * 1- VGA Port (for Power Point presentation display)
    * Infrared Port (for wireless communication)
    * 1- PCMCIA slot for Type I or Type II modem, cellular or Flash ATA card
    * 1- slot for a Compact Flash card  Type I
    * Internal audio microphone and speaker
    * 1- rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack (included)

Please visit Nec web site to see the whitepaper

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Mint NEC MobilePro 750C more Extras for sale

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