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ActiveSync Website Details
ActiveSync® 3.0 is the latest and significantly improved synchronization software for Windows® CE operating system-based Palm-size PCs and Handheld PCs. ActiveSync 3.0 is dramatically easier to install and use because of a complete redesign of its communications architecture and user interface and improvements to its synchronization speed and overall performance. ActiveSync 3.0 is compatible with all versions of the Palm-size PC and with versions 2 and 3 of the Handheld PC, making it the easiest and most po...Click details for more information.

Address Beam Website Details
No more typing an address book entry from your friend's hand held device! Address Beam is a unique cross platform application that uses Infrared to transfer address cards from a Windows CE device to a Palm Pilot and vice versa. It is an easy to use application that beams business cards at the touch of a button....Click details for more information.

Address Exchange Website Details
Ready for beta test, utilizing the IR Port, Address Exchange allows you to quickly and easily exchange contact information with another H/PC. Special category tags in the Contact database allow you to quickly decide which contact you want to exchange. This is perfect for exchanging business cards at an H/PC convention....Click details for more information.

All in Sync! Website Details
All in Sync! Personal™, is an exciting new personal productivity tool for Lotus Notes users. Features: Remote Syncronization, Support for Mail and Attachments, Easu User Details Setup, Sync, Auto Sync, and Customized Sync....Click details for more information.

Anota Java Terminal Website Details
Special! Install Anota Java Terminal on a Web or file server and run any E-business application designed for 3270, 5250 and VT320 terminal from any station with your browser without installing any software on any client. ...Click details for more information.

bMobileNews Website Details
Newsgroups are vital to conducting business today, and now BSQUARE offers you an easy way to stay in touch while away from the office. Our newest version, bMOBILE News 3.0, includes many additional features and enhancements to provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-use newsgroup reading solution for your Handheld or Palm-size PC. bMOBILE News is compatible with Windows CE versions 1.0 and 2.0....Click details for more information.

bPRINT Website Details
Unbeatable print management functionality for HPCs...Click details for more information.

Carbon Copy Website Details
Pocket Carbon Copy for Windows CE lets you remotely access and control another PC, workstation, or NT server from anywhere. ...Click details for more information.

CE3270 Website Details
CE3270 is an IBM 3270 terminal emulation application, designed specifically for the Windows CE operating system, that provides mainframe host access to the corporate mobile professional. CE3270 allows corporations that maintain mission critical data and business applications on IBM 3270 mainframe hosts, to remotely access these using ...Click details for more information.

CE3270 Website Details
CE3270 allows enterprise corporations that maintain mission critical data and business processes on IBM 3270 mainframe hosts, to remotely access these using a WinCE™ handheld device, over a wireline or wireless IP data network. ...Click details for more information.

Cepager Website Details
Connect your Handheld PC to any external modem ( Hayes compatible ), run CEpager on your Windows CE Handheld and then you will be able to send Short Messages to anyone equipped with an alphanumeric Pager or a Handy phone....Click details for more information.

CEspeedUP Website Details
Speed Up Connections Between Your Desktop Computer and Mobile Device!<br> CESpeedUp Program will maximize the speed between your desktop computer and Mobile Device (H/PC or P/PC). This new utility will offer options for synchronizing the connection speed between your Mobile Device and desktop PC. CESpeedUp Program will automatically set the connection speed on your Mobile Computer to the desired rate. ...Click details for more information.

Chat Website Details
Do you have boring meetings you have to sit through? Do you have a friend who goes to those same meetings who also owns a Windows CE device? Now you can chat over IR while looking like you're studiously taking notes! Chat is freeware, so enjoy!...Click details for more information.

CompanionLink Express Website Details
CompanionLink is a fast and easy synchronization system that moves data from your Desktop contact manger to your handheld organizer. Companionlink is faster, has more features, and supports more organizers than any competing product. If you have a handheld PC Companion, you need CompanionLink!...Click details for more information.

Cresotech PocketLANce 287k Download Website Details
Cresotech PocketLANce is a unique application allowing Pocket PC users to browse and manage LAN resources on their PDA devices. Designed for both personal and corporate use, PocketLANce opens new horizons for business people, software developers, mobile professionals or home users: now they can work with their corporate or personal LAN resources using their Pocket PCs both outside and inside of their offices. This application provides a unique easy-to-use option of locating, retrieving and moving/copying ne...Click details for more information.

Data Anywhere Website Details
Innovative software enables easy database sharing between desktop PC and Handheld PC (HPC)...Click details for more information.

DataBeam Website Details
DataBeam beams (transfers) your data between Palmtop and Handheld computers. It works on Window CE devices transferring text files, full database or just partial database in the form of records. All you need to do is to select a file or the database and send it to the destination Windows CE device via the infrared port. So you can get rid of tedious synchronization procedures using desktop PCs....Click details for more information.

DCS/CE Website Details
DynaComm Connectivity Series® for Windows CE (DCS/CE) version 3.0 is the first product of its kind powerful enough to offer multiple host connectivity on handheld devices. DCS/CE brings enterprise application access to the world of Windows CE-powered devices by combining the power of the enterprise with the flexibility required by mobile computing professionals. DCS/CE supports Windows CE 2.11 and greater residing on handheld PCs for remote access to all major host systems including IBM, Tandem, HP, Digital...Click details for more information.

Epiphan CEniffer 1.0 Website Details
CEniffer 1.0 for Windows CE is a pocket network analyser. Once your Windows CE computer is linked to the network, CEniffer can give you complete information about the network state and activity, filtering out the data you don't need. ...Click details for more information.

FileGram Website Details
Filegram allows you to send or receive files with your HPC using popular protocols such as XModem. This allows you to transfer files with any PC or device without having to install Windows CE Services! SH3, MIPS, ARM - CE 2.0+...Click details for more information.

FingerCE Website Details
Small windows CE based application to allow people to make finger queries to return info on a particular user of a system. Runs on Windows CE Handheld PC units only....Click details for more information.

FTPSVR Website Details
A tiny FTP server for CE that sits in the tray and can handle multiple connections...Click details for more information.

HPC NetProfile 1.0 Website Details
HPC NetProfile is a Windows CE 2.0 utility program that allows you to create multiple TCP/IP network profiles for each installed network adapter. ...Click details for more information.

ICQ Website Details
For the users of ICQ at home now you can use the famous program anywhere you go!...Click details for more information.

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