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HD Calendar ActiveX control Website Details
HD Calendar is an ActiveX control for developers of Pocket PC applications that allows easy date selection capability from inside custom software applications. When activated, HD Calendar shows a popup display of a monthly calendar that allows graphical selection of any date. The user can easily scroll to next/previous month, change year, and/or select a date via a simple tap. The selected date is then returned to the calling application program when the control is deactivated. In addition, HD Calen...Click details for more information.

HD Keypad Website Details
HD Keypad is an ActiveX control for developers of Pocket PC applications that allows easy numerical data input capability from inside custom software applications. When activated, HD Calendar shows a popup display of a keypad that has large "button" areas which allows easy entry of numerical data, even without a stylus. The data is then returned to the calling application program when the control is deactivated. HD Keypad simplifies data entry for applications that require numerical input such as dat...Click details for more information.

HighScore Website Details
This sample is meant to demonstrate the following <br> Fun with the CE custom controls Think about using Ink in new ways <br> How to color your common controls WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC <br> Registry Open/Close Read/Write Enumeration <br> Ink Control How to hide the Scrollbar and Commandbar Putting the control into ink mode by hiding the SIP Read/Write Ink<->File...Click details for more information.

HPC Pro SDK Website Details
The Microsoft® SDK for Windows® CE Handheld PC Professional Edition, version 3.0 opens up the exciting capabilities of this hot new device to both Visual Basic and Visual C++ developers. Take advantage of a large color display for rich graphical user interfaces. Use ActiveX Data Objects to write data-driven applications that synchronize with desktop databases. Develop advanced Web applications using HTML 3.2 and Microsoft JScript. And with device emulation you can begin writing and debugging applications fo...Click details for more information.

HPC Trace 1.0 Website Details
HPC Trace 1.0 (FREE Edition) Free development tool for Microsoft Windows CE. HPC Trace allows a user to view debugging messages on the Handheld PC. Takes less then 50K of storage space; MFC DLL's are not required; supports Windows CE 1.x and 2.0; includes sample code....Click details for more information.

HPC.Connect Website Details
HPC.ConnectTM is an ActiveX control that offers complete programmatic control over a connected HPC. Now you can add connectivity with Windows CE to any application using a programming language you already know! Easy, object-oriented syntax even beginning programmers will understand....Click details for more information.

HTML Editor Website Details
Now you can create, edit and save HTML files, as well as Windows CE help files, right on your Windows CE-based Handheld or Palm-size PC!...Click details for more information.

InstallShield CE Website Details
InstallShield for Windows CE is a highly productive, wizard based product for creating installations for HPC, HPCPro and Palm PC applications. This includes Microsoft Windows CE-based applications and Microsoft Windows CE-based desktop companion CE applications. The product provides a rich feature set that eliminates the need for developers to write additional code for many install scenarios. InstallShield for Windows CE enables install creation for all three Windows CE scenarios: PC to device, Internet...Click details for more information.

Integration Expert Website Details
Integration Expert for Windows CE (IX for CE) is a new embedded software development tool that extends the Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder (formerly known as the Windows CE Embedded Toolkit [ETK] for Visual C++). IX for CE provides visual editing of ETK projects and platforms, powerful analysis tools and an infrastructure to create reusable, distributable components. IX for CE reduces the time and cost to develop and deploy, fully optimized, embedded Windows CE systems....Click details for more information.

International Glossaries Website Details
The purpose of the glossaries is to provide international terminology for the individual use of specific terms in software development and localization. These glossaries may contain Microsoft® terminology for both applications and systems. In an effort to promote the use of common terminology in the international developer and localization communities, the glossaries are being released....Click details for more information.

IP*Works! ActiveX Website Details
16 ActiveX Controls for Internet programming in Windows CE, that take IP*Works! into an entirely new dimension. Writing connected applications for Windows CE has never been easier!...Click details for more information.

IP*Works! C++ Website Details
C++ classes for Windows CE. The version of choice for C++ programming. The same IP*Works! code as in our other editions, now available for C++ programming without the overhead of OLE2 interfaces....Click details for more information.

J for CE Website Details
This is the complete J402 language interpreter, plus a session manager based on the session manager and window driver in J for Windows 9x/NT. Scripts are easily portable between Windows CE and Windows 9x/NT, so that this is the ideal travelling companion for the J programmer. The system has the standard J development library, including the plot package and grid control. In general, window driver facilities supported by the Windows CE operating system are available in J for Windows CE....Click details for more information.

KazGrep Website Details
You can find specified pattern with regular expression from any ANSI text file....Click details for more information.

Keytest Website Details
The goal of this sample is to aid in development of games through the use of touch screen, keyboard, and hardware button user interfaces....Click details for more information.

Meteors Website Details
Meteors game and sprite engine....Click details for more information.

MfcCE20.dll Website Details
MFC files are predefined library files which make it easy to add features to programs....Click details for more information.

miniBasic Website Details
As a gift to all the CE Pioneers out there, B&B Systems is releasing a technology demo version of Basic running on Windows CE. miniBasic is a small, primitive Basic - mainly we needed to show that we could put something like Basic onto Windows CE, we also needed a test-platform to try out some solutions to technical issues. The result was miniBasic. Note that PocketBasic will be SIGNIFICANTLY different from miniBasic - miniBasic is just a toy....Click details for more information.

MIPS dissassembler and PE dumper 1.0 Website Details
MIPS code dissassembler (WindowsCE/MIPS) and PE EXE-file dumper (for all Win32 platforms). Running on the PC. ...Click details for more information.

MIPSDIS Website Details
MIPS code dissassembler and PE EXE-file dumper for Windows95/98/NT/CE (running on PC; 124 Kb)....Click details for more information.

MobileApps Website Details
MobileAppsTM is an unprecedented form-based Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows CE devices. This SDK enables you to develop application to access corporate databases over the wire-line or wireless packet data network. As a developer, you can concentrate on the real application issues. Armed with an easy-to-use visual builder, you can construct applications visually and while MobileApps' versatile code generator produces the C++/MFC code for the application....Click details for more information.

MobileBuilder Website Details
The Development Tool BUILT For Mobile Handhelds. PenRight!'s new, visual RAD tool creates powerful pen-based solutions for the widest choice of mobile platforms today. MobileBuilder's cross-platform code generator creates Win32, Win16, DOS, DPMI, and soon Palm OS and WinCE applications, all from a single application design....Click details for more information.

Nstall Wizard Website Details
Okay, so you've finished your application for the Windows® CE operating system - now what? You could spend days - or even weeks - trying to create an installation for your product... Or you could let the NStall Wizard do it for you in minutes!...Click details for more information.

obBASE Website Details
Object oriented database for CE...Click details for more information.

OPL for CE Website Details
OPL is a programming language, and I have trying to make it into Windows CE. WindowsCE 1.0, 2.0 Palm-size PC compatible Support Colour display....Click details for more information.

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