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PalmPC SDK Website Details
Software Deveolpment Kit for the PalmPC....Click details for more information.

PCForm Website Details
PCForm (the Visual Application Builder) is a Visual front end for creating PocketC applications. The entire application is designed visually on your handheld device, and then is saved as a PocketC source file complete with all code to run the application including control initialisation and event processing. <br> The generated source can be re-opened with PCForm for further edits, or can be edited with the PocketC pceditor....Click details for more information.

PDate Active-X Control Website Details
Active-X Date Control...Click details for more information.

PL/B Programming Language Website Details
PL/B is a high-level language that provides easy ISAM and AAM access. It easily manipulates numeric and character strings. It allows you to access data files in many ways, including sequential and random access. PL/B has been, and is currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies today because of it's ability. This runtime version for Windows CE allows programs created by PL/B for Windows to run under CE (PL/B - Windows available for development under Demo software) You must request an authori...Click details for more information.

Pocket CodedDrag Website Details
Pocket CodedDrag (PCD) is the Windows CE 2.0 version of the popular encryption software CodedDrag. It encrypts your personal data using the same strong encryption algorithms like the desktop version and therefore is fully compatible....Click details for more information.

Pocket Scheme Website Details
Pocket Scheme gives the H/PC and P/PC a sorely needed standalone programming capability in a civilized programming language. It supports file creation and manipulation, regular expression operations on character strings, and TCP/IP networking. The package includes a small parenthesis-balancing text editor, and (on the H/PC) a grep utility itself written in Pocket Scheme....Click details for more information.

Pocket XLisp Website Details
This code consists of three distinct parts. The first part, is the XLisp code its self. This code is released under the same license as the original source from David Betz. The second part is the VT100 Terminal emulation. This I wrote (actually in Java, then ported to C++). This is released for free and public use with the only copy right restriction in that somewhere in the documentation of derivative works, the original source must be mentioned. The VT100 portions are free for use, commercial, academic, o...Click details for more information.

PocketC Website Details
<ul> <li><font face="Tahoma" size="2">Simple language to learn and program&nbsp;</font></li> <li><font face="Tahoma" size="2">True (non-native) compiler, allowing you to save/share only the compiled applet if desired&nbsp;</font></li> <li><font face="Tahoma" size="2">Invisible data-type conversions to ease programming&nbsp;</font></li> <li><font face="Tahoma" size="2">Rich function library including graphics, sound, database I/O, and serial I/O&nbsp;</font></li> <li><font face=...Click details for more information.

PocketC FormBuilder Website Details
Create Forms with ease for the Windows CE PockectC Compiler using the FormBuilder, it lets you create the GUI with just Drag and Drop components into the Screen to produce the code to be compiled. The Source Code and GUI Form can be saved for future use and editing....Click details for more information.

PocketC Keyboard Website Details
PocketC Keyboard is a little Palm-size PC Keypad with all PocketC-Functions ,Constants and User defined Functions </br> <li>Direct Entering PocketC functions <li>Quick operator character entering <li>Simple GUI builder <li>One Click Enter key ...Click details for more information.

PocketC Runtime Website Details
The runtime only version of PocketC is for those who have no desire to compile applets, but want to run someone else's applet. Using this version saves memory, since the compiler has been removed. This version is freeware and may be distributed freely by developers, but only in its entirety....Click details for more information.

PocketC Shell Runtime Website Details
HPC Alpha Release: HPC users can launch shell with Run command: shell.exe [appletfile]...Click details for more information.

PocketC source to HTML Website Details
This tiny command line utility generates syntax-colored HTML files from PocketC source code.n...Click details for more information.

pocketGrid Website Details
pocketGrid is a highly optimized, fully capable grid control designed for Windows CE. 100% MFCp Object Oriented design. pocketGrid is an add-on for the popular Ultimate Grid for MFC and comes with 100% full source code, so it can be compiled for all the popular processors used in HPCs....Click details for more information.

POOM SDK Website Details
Developers can use POOM (Pocket Outlook Object Model) to create powerful Visual Basic and Visual C++ applications for Windows CE by accessing Pocket Outlook data and functionality. Once restricted to the desktop, these applications can now run on Windows CE-based devices such as the Palm-Size PC, Handheld PC and Handheld Professional PC. This means sophisticated contact management, task tracking, calendar scheduling capabilities and World Clock data can be at the fingertips of anyone, anywhere....Click details for more information.

PpcShell Website Details
Sample from the WindowsCE Developer's conference. A good starting point for a PPC application....Click details for more information.

Python CE Website Details
Python CE is an implementation of the Python programming language for Windows CE based devices....Click details for more information.

Quick View Plus for Windows CE Website Details
QVP is an application for device manufacturers and software developers to use to integrate information-access on Windows CE Palm-size, H/PC and Mini-notebook devices. QVP provides immediate access to files and e-mail attachments without the need to have the native application installed. QVP enables the end user to view files in more than 70 formats—providing an essential tool in today’s information-driven economy....Click details for more information.

Rebol Website Details
REBOL/Core is a free network messaging language that cuts application development time & length. REBOL (pronounced "REB-ul") represents a powerful new domain of computer languages described as context-sensitive. Compared to programming languages like Java/C++ or scripting languages like PERL/Tcl, REBOL/Core is more simple, robust, and readable. ...Click details for more information.

RegEditCE Website Details
Pseudo registry editor for WindowsCE. I got tired of having to do remote registry editing whenever I was building applications for WindowsCE so I built this application. Right now it only supports editing of Strings and DWORD values in the Registry, but you can browse the entire registry with it. It's still in Beta and I'm welcoming any feedback....Click details for more information.

Resco ListView Control 525k Download Website Details
It is a professional ActiveX control designed for a mobile platforms.<br>It provides all powerfull features that you know from a desktop version.<br>In addition to standard views (Icons, SmallIcons, List and Report) you can use it as an <b>advanced grid control</b> to process your data in a <b>clear tabular form</b>.<br> <br><b>Supported features like:</b><br><ul><li><b>Gridlines</b> can be diplayed between list items and subitems<br><li>The <b>FullRowSelect</b> property<br><li>The <b>Checkbox</b> property...Click details for more information.

Sailmon Website Details
This sample demonstrates<br> Internet access <ul><li> Creating an internet connection <li> Supporting a proxied internet connection <li> InternetReadFile <li> Parsing a returned html file for information <li> Offline caching of information for grab and go scenario <li> Adapting gracefully to network errors </ul> Taskbar icon application <ul><li> Using a taskbar icon <li>Enforcing single instance with a mutex <li>GetSpecialFolderPath for the MyDocuments folder <li>Using backgroun...Click details for more information.

SH3 Reverser Website Details
First commenting disasembler for SH3....Click details for more information.

SH3DIS Website Details
SH-3 code dissassembler and PE EXE-file dumper for Windows95/98/NT/CE (running on PC; 130 Kb)....Click details for more information.

Software Wedge Website Details
Non Proprietary – use any direct RS232 device to collect data. Any application that uses key entry....Click details for more information.

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