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PicturePerfect 3.1 Website Details
New Pocket PC Photo Viewer Released! <br> Like to view photographs with your Pocket PC? PicturePerfect 4.0 for the Pocket PC is now available. In spite of being #1 at download.com, and #2 at handango.com, we're continuing to improve PicturePerfect. This new release adds these awesome capabilities: <li> Show thumbnails. </li> <li> Load large images 2x faster with no out-of-memory errors. </li> <li> View and sort PowerPoint slides.</li> <li> Quickly view...Click details for more information.

PicturePerfect 5.0 Website Details
The leading photo viewer for the Pocket PC now has some awesome new features, including:<br> <li> Cool Transition Effects (Wipes and Fades) <li> New Scaling Options for Best Fit or Best Quality <li> Rotate Images Manually <li> Smart Rotate with Cradle Detection <li> Reduce Images to Save Space <li> Annotate Pictures with Text and Sound <li> Play MP3 or WMA Files During Slide Shows <li> Customizable Hardware Button Function Mapping <li> Create Redistributable Single-File Album Packages <li...Click details for more information.

PixScreen CE Lite Website Details
View your favorite 360° PixAround Scenes on portable devices such as the popular Palm™ handhelds, HP Jornada, CASSIOPEIA® and other Pocket PCs and Windows® CE devices. ...Click details for more information.

PixScreen PDA Lite Website Details
PixScreen" Palm Lite lets you view your favorite 360° PixAround Scenes on popular PalmOS® devices such as the Palm" IIIc and Handspring" Visor" Prism. With PixScreen Palm Lite, you can now experience interactive visual content wherever you go!...Click details for more information.

PixScreen WinCE Lite Website Details
PixScreen" WinCE Lite lets you view your favorite 360° PixAround Scenes on portable devices such as the popular HP Jornada, CASSIOPEIA®, Compaq iPAQ and other Pocket PCs and Windows® CE devices. With PixScreen WinCE Lite, you can now experience interactive visual content wherever you go! ...Click details for more information.

PlayMidiCE Website Details
PlayMidiCE is a MIDI file player for the Roland SCP-55 Sound Canvas PCMCIA card in an HPC, such as an HP 360LX. This program will play MIDI files through the SCP-55. While the song is being played a display of 16 columns shows the current patch for each channel, and an animation of the notes being played. Notes are shown as horizontal bars. The vertical position of each bar is proportional to the pitch of the note. There is some support for playlists....Click details for more information.

Pocket Artist Website Details
Pocket Artist delivers the powerful features you'd expect from desktop image editing software in an easy-to-use artistic tool for Windows CE compatible devices. With Conduits Pocket Artist, you can edit and retouch photos and images, add text and special effects, create web graphics, and much more....Click details for more information.

Pocket Image Website Details
Using Pocket Image, you can browse through pictures in an image list forward or backward. You can also put all the pictures you want in image lists and start an automatic slide show with background music and adjustable time interval, making it a perfect tool for marketing multimedia slide show presentations....Click details for more information.

Pocket Image 2.0 Website Details
Pocket Image is an image management software for color Pocket PCs. The program was primarily designed for the Compaq iPaq H36XX Pocket PCs. However, the program should also work on the other color Pocket PCs of the same category such as the Casio E-115 and HP Jornada 54x Series Pocket PCs. ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Music Box Website Details
Palm Music Box is a software that enables you to play game with PDA, listening to the music. To this game we developed the new game engine, Force21, acted on smooth scrolling in decording and flipping. And a more compressibility of MP3 data allows to you save a great choice of music even in the PDA non-installed storage memory...Click details for more information.

Pocket Painter Website Details
Pocket Painter is a high efficient and high quality image processing and painting tool for Pocket PC. Pocket Painter, a new image processing and painting software for Pocket PC is announced in July. With Pocket Painter, you have different types of pens (more than 10 types). It includes pencil, paintbrush, water pen, oil pen, wax pen, crayon, chalk, ¡Ketc. A lot of image effects and filters are also provided...Click details for more information.

Pocket Piano Website Details
It just like a small electric piano. No matter where you are, you can use Pocket Piano to play a song very easily. The features of Pocket Piano: 1. Support 3 octaves 2. Support 36 keys 3. Support 3 leves of listensing comprehension quiz ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Player Website Details
Pocket Player allows MP3 playback and an extensible interface for your Palm-size PC. Using the XAudio MPEG Audio engine licensed from MPEGTV, Pocket Player plays back MP3 files with excellent quality (up to CD quality stereo on the Casio E-100). The interface is fully customizable: skin authors can define how their interface should look artistically as well as functionally -- bitmaps and locations of the components can be defined. Download now! Features include: disabling backlight on Casio E100, Casio E500...Click details for more information.

Pocket SlideShow 12k Download Website Details
Pocket SlideShow is a powerful PowerPoint® presentation viewer for your Pocket PC. <br> Thanks to Pocket SlideShow, you can now bring your favorite Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations right in your pocket, and enjoy full-screen slide shows, with optimized display and animations. <p> Pocket SlideShow has many powerful features to browse, rearrange or even merge your presentations directly on your Pocket...Click details for more information.

PocketCAD Website Details
PocketCAD™ is a full-featured CAD package with Drawing Tools to create Lines, Arcs, Circles, Text, Blocks and Dimensions. Display Tools include Pan and Zoom (Zoom Extents, Zoom Window, Zoom Previous) with controls for handling Layers. Edit Tools consist of Delete, Move, Copy, Rotate, Trim and Extend. PickPoints™ make using the Pen fast and easy by automatically snapping to key points on drawn objects. PickPoints such as endpoints, center points and others are user selectable. PocketCAD ships with the...Click details for more information.

PocketPC ModMixerŠ 4.1 Website Details
...Click details for more information.

PocketPoint Website Details
Using Cresotech PocketPoint, you can arrange the slide show of your photos taken during your last vacation or create a commercial presentation of your company's products. You don't need any special skills or experience to use it. All you need to do is select the necessary images for the Playlist, tap the Start Presentation button and enjoy the great show! <p> You can have your product presentation or picture gallery always at your disposal, in your pocket! If you are sales manager who needs...Click details for more information.

PocketSwap Website Details
PocketSwap automatically changes your desktop wallpaper as often as you would like. Just choose the number of minutes you want to wait between swaps and PocketSwap will do the rest. PocketSwap will also allow you to choose which bitmaps you want to automatically swap and will even compress the bitmaps that are not currently being displayed to conserve space....Click details for more information.

PocketTV Website Details
PocketTV is the first software MPEG Movie Player for WinCE. <p> Unlike the Casio MobileVideoPlayer, PocketTV is FREE for personal use and it can play standard MPEG1 files, with no need to transcode into a proprietary format like CMF. <p> On palm-size devices, best results are obtained when playing MPEG files encoded in QSIF size (160x120) or half-SIF size (240x160). PocketTV can play larger size video and is limited only by the performance of your CPU and the size of your screen. ...Click details for more information.

PocketTV : MPEG Movie Player Website Details
PocketTV received the Windows CE Program of the Year Award in the Third Annual ZDNet PDA Software Awards. It is also the most downloaded Pocket PC software according to Handango.com and PocketGear.com. We have more than 200,000 registered users! <p> PocketTV can play any standard MPEG-1 file (extension .mpg or .mpeg). <p> PocketTV is also capable...Click details for more information.

PocketVIEW Website Details
PocketVIEW is a CAD Drawing Viewer compatible with DWG and DXF drawing formats. Designed for mobile professionals who require CAD drawings in their everyday work. Display Tools include Zoom Window, Zoom Extents, Zoom Previous, and Pan. A Layer Dialog Box controls layers. Redlining Tools make it possible to add Polylines and text to drawings to reflect field information. PocketVIEW includes PocketDWG, a drag and drop filter, to convert DWG or DXF files. PocketDWG is based on Autodesk technology to in...Click details for more information.

Porsche Screensaver Website Details
This screensaver displays images related to the car company Porsche. The AutoPC is very limited in colors that can be displayed (eight colors in the palette). We would like you to try this screensaver and let us know if you want more slideshow screensavers like it in the future, or if you think the image quality doesn't make it worthwhile, let us know that too! ...Click details for more information.

PPCSnap Website Details
Without question, the easiest way to create screen shots on your Palm-size PC! Simply launch PPCSnap and double-tap the tray icon to capture the current screen. Bitmap image files are automatically stored in the folder of your choice. Use the built in browser to review all of your snapshots. Four at a time! Simply tap on one of the four images to zoom in. Tap again to restore....Click details for more information.

PurplePrint Website Details
PurplePecker's PurplePrints enables you to carry all your favorite photographs and pictures around with you all the time. A photo album on your Pocket PC! ...Click details for more information.

Resco Picture Viewer 3.2 Website Details
Turn your Pocket PC into The Magic Photo Album. Resco Picture Viewer v2.0 has ability to quickly display images of file formats: RAB, BMP, 2BP, JPG, JPE, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PCD, TIF, TIFF. Action button or stylus manipulation, zoom, rotation, slide show and many other fantastic features make this product the #1 in its field....Click details for more information.

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