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Samuel Website Details
A small morse program with sound and graphical output. SAMUEL is in memorial to SAMUEL MORSE...Click details for more information.

Seinfeld Sound Scheme Website Details
This scheme contains voices and sounds from the Seinfeld(tm) TV sitcom and adds a sound scheme to your AutoPC...Click details for more information.

Sexy Female Sound Scheme Website Details
Mobile Visions Software would like to talk dirty to you. A new AutoPC sound scheme is available that features sexy female phrases. No more talking to yourself, just talk to her and she'll say things you'll like to hear...Click details for more information.

Simpsons Sound Scheme Website Details
This scheme contains voices and sounds from The Simpsons(tm) and adds a sound scheme for your AutoPC. After downloading the ZIP file, please read the README.TXT file contained inside the zip for installation instructions...Click details for more information.

Sketch CE Website Details
A "mini-cad" with zoom, pan, coordinates input, lines input, calculates areas/groundplanes by using the pen, and dxf export....Click details for more information.

SnapIt Website Details
SnapIt is a program designed to take color screen shots on a Windows CE 2.0 device. The program is easily accessed as an icon in your taskbar. Completion of the snapshot is indicated by a default sound and a message. You can also use any combination of Ctrl, Alt, and Shift to create hot keys....Click details for more information.

Sound Widget Website Details
SoundWidget allows you to adjust your sound volume by clicking on the tray speaker icon. The major difference between this application and others that are available is that this one allows much greater control over the volume (not just five settings like the internal WindowsCE sound applet)....Click details for more information.

South Park SoundScheme Website Details
Clips and sounds from South Park....Click details for more information.

StarTreck AutoPC Sound Scheme Website Details
We have taken the computer voice and sounds from Star Trek: The Next Generation and made a sound scheme for your AutoPC....Click details for more information.

Strummer Website Details
Strummer is a program that lets you write and play great guitar songs on your PPC or HPC. You can:<br> Play guitar chords and single notes (it's a real guitar (mine...) that you hear playing)<br> Define, edit, save, and load strumming patterns and picking patterns (arpeggios) and create pattern libraries <br> Record and edit a song using these patterns, copy/cut/paste delete blocks within the song, and transpose a part or all to a different key with just a few clicks<br> Play the song with different ...Click details for more information.

Tascal Graphic Viewer Website Details
Multi format graphic viewer. (Currently support JPEG, PNG, 2BP and BMP)....Click details for more information.

Tascal WPC Website Details
Wallpaper changer for Windows CE. ...Click details for more information.

Tricorder Website Details
Turns your (color) palmsized PC into a tricorder which plays sounds....Click details for more information.

TV remote controller Website Details
<p><font color="#0000FF"><strong>TV remote controller </strong>is a Windows CE application that use your PDA as universal remote controller.</font></p> <font color="#00FF00"><u><strong>FEATURES</strong></u>&nbsp; </font> <ul style="color: rgb(255,0,0)"> <li><font color="#0000FF">You can control </font><font color="#FF00FF">38</font><font color="#0000FF"> different devices as TV, VCR, CD...</font></li> <li><font color="#0000FF">Different skins for TV and VCR</font></li> <li><font color="...Click details for more information.

TV remote controller Website Details
FEATURES <br> You can control 38 different devices as TV, VCR, CD... <br> Different skins for TV and VCR Requirement: <br> Pocket PC with Windows CE 3.0 and IR port 280 KB of available storage space ...Click details for more information.

Voice Recorder Website Details
A new application for Handheld PCs (H/PCs) with microphones, including Velo 1 H/PCs that have been upgraded to the Microsoft Windows CE operating system version 2.0. With Voice Recorder, you can be more organized and productive by capturing and playing back quick audio notes, recording reminder sounds for association with appointments and system events, and using it in dozens of other ways. Voice Recorder is a powerful system for managing audio files that you can create and use on your H/PC as well as share...Click details for more information.

WaveDrummer Website Details
Wave Drummer is a software Drum Machine for use on Windows CE devices. <br> Wave Drummer can now drive an external MIDI module. ...Click details for more information.

Windows Media Player Website Details
The Windows Media Player for Palm-Size PC is free software from Microsoft® that pumps high-quality stereo music through the palm-sized PC you already own. Just download some music from top music websites, or copy from your own CD library to your palm-size PC and you take your music with you without the burden or weight of extra CDs or tape players. The Windows Media Player for Palm–size PC might become your favorite feature on your Casio, Hewlett-Packard or Compaq palm–size PC. ...Click details for more information.

Xaudio MP3 Player Website Details
MP3 player for most CE platforms....Click details for more information.

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