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Pocket PC Screen Saver ver. 1.00 Website Details
This is a Screen & Battery Saver for your Pocket PC device. It lives up to its promise: saves your screen & battery by shutting down the power from the screen and touch-sensor few minutes after the screen was last touched with the stylus – just like a real screen saver on your PC. Well, it is a real screen saver, no doubt about it! The device itself is not powered off so that your applications are still up and running. ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Pedigree Website Details
The first genealogy software for the Windows CE platform.. It allows you to enter basic information about your family and anestors and then export them to a GEDCOM file....Click details for more information.

Pocket Plot Website Details
Pocket Plot is a function plotter for Pocket PC, it can plot up to 10 functions in diffrent colors at the same time, and you can use the stylus to pan (in real-time), zoom and trace. <p> <li> Fast plotting <li> Advanced expression parser <li> Real-time panning <li> Plot up to 10 functions <li> Adjustable view...Click details for more information.

Pocket PowerPoint Editor Website Details
Now you can make your own presentation or edit existing slide on your hand while you are heading to your destination....Click details for more information.

Pocket Universe Website Details
Locate the brightest stars and discover where the planets are situated for any time, any place. This astronomical software is due for release in early 1998. It's currently finished, and awaiting documentation and distribution deals to be finalised. A demo version is available for downloading....Click details for more information.

PocketAI Digital Mind Assistant 540k Download Website Details
Think smart! Think fast! Something is bugging your mind? Trying to make an important decision? PocketAI helps you decide... fast. This unique decision wizard turns your PDA into an artificial intelligence thinking machine using boolean and fuzzy logic. Now you have a decision helper useful in a variety of decision making situations such as personal decisions, business decisions, buying decisions, etc. <p> PocketAI is a great decision problem solving tool. No more pen, paper, and headaches. Solving decisi...Click details for more information.

PocketDOS Website Details
PocketDOS is an MS-DOS 6.22 compatible DOS for your Microsoft Windows CE or Psion/Symbian EPOC32 based Pocket Computer. In addition to a full DOS, PocketDOS lets you install and run many DOS programs* on your Pocket Computer. PocketDOS also lets you access devices such as touchscreens, built-in and external modems, IR ports, flash disks, network drives and more from within DOS and DOS programs....Click details for more information.

PocketGraph Website Details
PocketGraph makes it possible to display data from PocketExcel or PocketWord. Work with this program is very simply and intuitive. Choose and mark in e.g. PocketExcel any data area (Column/Row) and via [Ctrl-C] or menu "Edit/Copy" store them to clipboard. Then paste the data to PocketGraph through the function "Refresh" or button on the commandbar. From PocketWord you can copy any numeric values delimitered with another character than {'0'..'9',',','.','-','+',' '}, eg. [CR] or [TAB]. <P> Graph types avai...Click details for more information.

PocketLamp Website Details
This small program sets your backlight to high and the screen to white. You can assign it to a button and use it like a small flashlight. Download it free!...Click details for more information.

PocketMoney® Website Details
PocketMoney was designed to do one thing and do it very well - track your finances quickly with the smallest amount of work. PocketMoney will help you keep your checking, savings, credit card and petty cash accounts in line. <p> PocketMoney has been an award winning and popular personal financial manager for the Newton OS since 1994 and for the Palm OS since 1999. Catamount Software is pleased to announce its availabilty for the Windows CE, Pocket PC Edition. <p> Due to many requests for Pocket...Click details for more information.

Power Toys Website Details
We like these software tools and we think you will, too.<br> Business Cards, Information Today, Mailbox Grepper, DTMF Dialing, Mute, Cascading Menus, Paint Program for Windows CE, Sound Schemes, Bitmap Tiles ...Click details for more information.

PowerToys Website Details
Microsoft Power Contacts for Pocket PCs This Power Toy adds the following options to the Contacts pop-up menu: <li> Create Appointment - creates an appointment with the contact as the attendee and the subject.</li> <li> Create Task - creates a task with the contact as the subject.</li> <li> Open Web Page - opens the web page associated with the contact.</li>...Click details for more information.

PowerToys for HPC Website Details
Check out this intriguing collection of beta tools, bitmaps, and sound schemes that you can use to customize and personalize your Windows CE handheld PC. NOTE: The installer should be downloaded and run on your desktop PC. It then installs approximately 330K worth of files to your connected handheld PC....Click details for more information.

PowerToys for HPC Pro Website Details
This download is for Windows CE for the Handheld PC Professional Edition version 3.0 only and will not work on Handheld PCs powered by Windows CE 2.0 or 1.0. Includes: Pocket Registry Editor, Flight Scheduler, Business Cards, Quick Start Menu, PIM Transfer, File Associate, Sounds, and Network Utilities....Click details for more information.

PowerToys for PPC Website Details
The PowerToys package for the Palm-Size PC powered by Microsoft(R) Windows(R) CE is now available. The package includes favourites from the H/PC PowerToys package, as well as updated and brand new PowerToys specifically for the Palm-Size PC: Hyperlinked Active Desktop Pocket Paint (in colour on colour devices) Business Cards Mute Dialer Four sound schemes Wallpaper...Click details for more information.

PPCe6b Website Details
Aviation E6b utilities for private/professional pilots ...Click details for more information.

PSUtils Website Details
An all-in-one utility set consisting of a date/time inserter, a storage/memory space checker, and a customizable applications launcher....Click details for more information.

PTableCE Website Details
PTableCE brings the periodic table of the elements to the Palm PC platform. The user can customize PTableCE by a simple text file. The program contains a tutorial text file and a loader program, so that it's very easy to change and extend the data. <p> PTableCE is available in two versions: B&W for monochromatic PalmPC's and and a color version for the new color Palm PC's....Click details for more information.

PTVL - Pocket TV Listings Website Details
Pocket TV Listings (PTVL) brings the power of TV Guide Online’s program listings to your Pocket PC. See what’s on your favorite channels right now or later tonight. Look ahead to the rest of the week. Get details about a particular show. Set a reminder to watch that special show. Search almost an...Click details for more information.

QuestBase2000 Website Details
QuestBase2000 is the ultimate study guide for test takers or students in addition to be the ultimate resource for Technical Recruiters that wish to screen potential Employees before sending their resumes out to a company or before hiring them. QuestBase2000 enables you study virtually anywhere that you can take your Palm-top PC. ...Click details for more information.

Resistor Colour Code Calculator Website Details
Here is a simple program written in Visual Basic 6.0 for Windows CE. It calculates the resistance values based on the colour code supplied. It has been tested only on the HP680LX. So your mileage may vary....Click details for more information.

RetroSkin Website Details
The Retro Skin is grunge, monochromatic, industrial. For E-100 PPC...Click details for more information.

Schip Emulator Website Details
This Windows CE application emulates the "Chip8" from the mid 70's, and its successors, the Chip48 and Super Chip. This "chip" was actually only a bytecode interpreter originally used by RCA in some very early home consoles, but was revived around 1989 or so when someone wrote an emulator for the HP48. The HP48 port added more functionality, such as higher resolution and scrolling. The emulator was recently ported to the TI-85, and now to the HPC...Click details for more information.

Screen Saver Engine Website Details
Screen savers for Windows CE? It's kind of a novel idea, but we here at Xoanan Industries got tired of looking at out color H/PCs sit motionless for hours while they're plugged in. By default our Screen Saver Engine won't launch the currently selected screen saver if your H/PC is running on battery power....Click details for more information.

Sentry 2020 Website Details
seNTry 2020 delivers transparent, on-the-fly encryption to your Handheld PC or PocketPC. This program lets you reserve portions of your ram/card storage for encrypted data. Once encrypted, a volume will appear on your HPC as another storage card folder. You can do anything with a seNTry 2020 virtual folder that you can do with a normal storage folder, except that encrypted volumes require password authentication before files become accessible. Some of the features in seNTry 2020/CE are: - Supports all W...Click details for more information.

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