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Sentry 2020 - Essential security upgrade for Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 229k Download Website Details
SoftWinter Sentry 2020 for Pocket PC is an enterprise security tool utilizing transparent encryption to protect important information stored on Pocket PC computers. Seamlessly encrypts documents while they are being accessed by Pocket Word, Pocket Excel and other applications. Supports encryption of entire CF cards, 256-bit encryption algorithms and automatic inactivity timeout. Compatible with desktop version of Sentry 2020. <br> <b>seNTry 2020/CE/PPC is simply the best and easiest transparent encryption ...Click details for more information.

SkyCommander Website Details
Turn your HP Handheld PC into a Universal Remote Controller!!! SkyCommander enables your Handheld PCs to function as a truly flexible and customizable Universal Remote Controller for all your consumer appliances like TVs, VCRs, Air Conditioners, Disc Players, etc... What's more, you don't need any external supporting equipment to use with this program. SkyCommander makes use of the built-in IRDA port on your HP Handheld PC to emulate and store commands from your appliances' remote controller...Click details for more information.

Soft GSMphone 84k Download Website Details
Soft GSMphone enables PDA users with Windows CE to turn their PDAs into phones. Version updates include more accepted types of phone connectors....Click details for more information.

Soft GSMphone Website Details
A software GSM-phone with WinCE and Nokia CardPhone. Can be used to make and receive voice calls (from Contacts-menu and a separate window), to view and use history of most recent calls, to receive notification of missed calls, to send and receive SMS-messages and to edit the SIM-card contacts. ...Click details for more information.

Sol! CE Website Details
Calculates Sun Rise, Sun Set, Twilights and Length of Day for any geographic location on the planet....Click details for more information.

South Park PsPC WallPaper Website Details
South Park Wall Paper for your Palm-size PC...Click details for more information.

SpeedTrap 215k Download Website Details
Speed Trap is an application for your AutoPC that warns you when you start to exceed a given speed limit. It does not do this by using a special hardware device other than your GPS! We highly recommend the Vetronix unit which comes with software that reads this information right from your car, but if you are waiting to get one or just can't spend the money, we think you'll find Speed Trap useful. ...Click details for more information.

SSN Lookup Website Details
SSN Lookup is a simple program that tells you where a certain social security number was registered....Click details for more information.

sTarot Website Details
Tarot has helped people through the ages in finding their way in life. Not only does it allow a critical analysis of one's personality, past, present and future but it can also be a very handy tool in problem solving whether personal or business....Click details for more information.

Start Pack Website Details
A Bundle of games and tools, includes a task manager, a palm explorer, calculator, and a number of games. ...Click details for more information.

StatsNOW Website Details
StatsNOW is a "real time" basketball statistics gathering and analysis package designed to run on WindowsCE (it also runs on Windows 95/NT!). Current game statistics, including shot charts and shooting percentages are generated automatically for both teams....Click details for more information.

Sunnysoft GSM Dialer Website Details
Sunnysoft GSM Dialer is an enhancement utility for Pocket Outlook that allows you to dial a telephone number on your mobile phone from Pocket Contacts just by three taps: <UL> <LI>Tap and hold the Contact whose telephone number you want to dial, until context menu appears <LI>Tap "Dial number..." <LI>Tap required number </UL>...Click details for more information.

TapRight Website Details
TapRight allows HPC & HPC/Pro users to ALT-Tap without a keyboard. TapRight installs as an icon in the system tray, and acts like a sticky ALT key. You press TapRight then you can bring up context menus. With the new version, the ALT key can automatically be released if you want....Click details for more information.

Tascal Tools Website Details
Tascal Filer Ex, Tascal Address book Utility, Tascal Folder Sync and Tascal Calc....Click details for more information.

ToolPack Website Details
EZOS ToolPack 1.02 is a new set of useful utilities collected together to form a package. The package includes: EZAppBar, EzBackup, EzCalc, EzCleaner, EzEnergySize, EzExplore, TaskManager ...Click details for more information.

Tube Washington, D.C. 2.1 161k Download Details
An essential guide to the subway systems of the major cities in the world for your Pocket PC based PDA. Tube's features include: A clear pictorial view of the transport system with a find station utility. It will automatically plan the quickest route to and from any station stating the line changes required and estimated journey time. The route can be text listed or visually ...Click details for more information.

TV remote controller 3.0 Website Details
<B>TV remote controller</B> is a Pocket PC & Pocket PC 2002 application that use your PDA as an universal remote control for TV, VCR, Cable, SAT, DVD and others equipment's. <P><B>FEATURES:</B> <UL> <LI>You can control 38 predefined devices + 30 learned devices + devices in CCF files</LI> <LI>Basic skins: TV,VCR and Universal</LI> <LI><font color="#FF0000">Ability to work with CCF files (own skins, macros....) !new</font></LI> <LI>Learn mode (you can add up to 30 devices)</LI> <LI>Best distanc...Click details for more information.

UK STD Codes Website Details
Converts between UK town and STD code and vice versa. Available for SH3 (359K) and MIPS (360K)....Click details for more information.

USA Area Codes Website Details
Converts between US area and area code and vice versa. Available for SH3 (22K) and MIPS (23K)....Click details for more information.

Wallpaper Sequencer Website Details
Wallpaper Sequencer is the best wallpaper manager on the Earth! Create collections of your favorite wallpapers and customize them as you like easily (you can create lists, save and load it at necessary); Personal options for each image; Customizable hot keys to control your wallpaper quickly; TaskBar transparent on Windows 2000/XP; Support Virtual Desktops of Power Toys for XP; Full support of Windows XP visual themes;...Click details for more information.

Wallpers for Wince Website Details
The biggest collection of wallpers for windows ce....Click details for more information.

WinDriver Ghost Website Details
WinDriver Ghost provides you the easy and fast detection, backup and restore of the entire hardware device drivers currently on your system. With it, you can even find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer. Just one or two mouse button clicks, you will have all your hardware devices extracted and backuped or restored. You may choose to backup a certain driver or the entire drivers to an EXE automatic installer....Click details for more information.

XT-CE PC Emulator Website Details
80186 PC Emulator for the Windows CE Operating System...Click details for more information.

Z-Flash Website Details
Arranges text in a two column format. This allows you to create questions with corresponding answers, words with definitions, translations, and much more. After setting them up quiz yourself with its built in quizing feature...Click details for more information.

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