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HPC Calculator Website Details
A calculator for HPC's that is designed to teach kids math....Click details for more information.

ICQ 2000b Website Details
A revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. ICQ does the searching ...Click details for more information.

Jcalc Website Details
JCALC is a freeware scientific calculator that I programmed in a great new language called DIALECT, from Aristar (http://www.aristar.com). I saw how there a few out there, and some were $25-$30. I wasn't totally satisfied with some of the features, and I really wanted one on my Palm PC (Philips Nino), so I decided to make that my project! And here it is- a little quirky, but I think once you get used to it, you'll find it very useful. ...Click details for more information.

Loan Calculator 49k Download Details
Calculate the loan principal when you enter in the interest rate, the term in years and the loan payment. Calculate the loan payment when you enter in the interest rate, the term in years and the loan principal. For PsPC...Click details for more information.

MetaConverter Website Details
MetaConverter is a program for length, area, volume, mass, temperature, power, energy, speed,frequence, pressure, force,dB-Uout/Uin, time and currency conversions. Together over 110 different units. Euro conversion is fully supported and contains fixed exchange rates. Exchange rates can also be changed and are stored in internal database. Converting results can be exported with copy and paste to other programs....Click details for more information.

MxCalculator Website Details
A powerful scientific calculator and a programmable converter. The converter is embedded in a standard calculator. You can be simultaneously converting numbers while performing any calculation. Around 20 of the most-wanted conversions come with the package by default, including unit and currency conversions, tax and tip calculations, and more if you want to create them yourself. The scientific calculator let you perform virtually any scientific calculation. You can even program your new functions an...Click details for more information.

Napier Freeware Website Details
<p class=MsoNormal style='margin-bottom:6.0pt'><b><i>Napier</i></b> is a PocketPC calculator for scientific, financial, programmer, and time date applications. It has over 150 functions, 64 conversion constants, 100 memories, 1000 entry data array, 8 graduated rate schedules, settable work day and holidays for time calculations. 10 command expressions can be saved and reused. Similarly, any of the previous 10 answers can be recalled and reused, or put into one of the memories or appended to the datase...Click details for more information.

PackMetrics Website Details
A huge collection of conversions between any Metric system and US (English) and much more! More than 20 categories and more than 2,000 conversions. If this is not enough for you, now you can define your own conversions, in a very simple way. Very intuitive and useful. A 'must have' software for your PocketPC. ...Click details for more information.

PiCalc Website Details
Calculates pi anywhere from 1 to 20000 decimal places...Click details for more information.

PlotAGraph 532k Download Website Details
<font face=verdana> <font color=blue>Discount at <a href=http://www.futurepda.com>http://www.futurepda.com</a></font><p> PlotAGraph is a complex graphics calculator that provides a complete configurable ploting machine. It features the following:<br> <li>Polynomial function</li> <li>Trigonometry function</li> <li>Support y = f(x) and x = f(y)</li> <li>Support unlimited graphs in different color</li> <li>Capture canvas area as bitmap</li> <li>Load bitmap file to the canvas</li> <li>Highlight individ...Click details for more information.

Pocket BizCalc Website Details
This is the full working demo of Pocket BizCalc for Windows CE, the ultimate HP-12C software emulator for Handheld PCs. This demo version includes all the features of the full version and will expire 30 days after the install....Click details for more information.

Pocket Currency Exchange Website Details
Have you got a H/PC? Have you ever been in another country? Have you ever had problems by converting currencies? We have the solution for you!...Click details for more information.

Pocket Currency v1.0 (For Pocket PC) 662k Download Website Details
This is a currency converter application. User can add "n" number of curriences to the system. This is a total freeware application with the support, Watch out for the next version of the application where you can download the prices directly from the websites....Click details for more information.

Pocket Innovations GraphIt 1031k Download Details
Description: GraphIt is a graphing calculator designed for Pocket PC devices. A graphing calculator is a powerful tool that can perform a range of tasks, from simple calculations to more complex calculus and statistics. Other calculators for the Pocket PC often perform only one function, or are otherwise designed for a specific task. GraphIt combines all t...Click details for more information.

Pocket MBA-Calc Website Details
This is the full working demo of Pocket MBA-Calc for Windows CE, the ultimate business and financial calculator for Handheld PCs. This demo version includes all the features of the full version and will expire 30 days after the install. ...Click details for more information.

Pocket Solver Website Details
Pocket Solver allows you to solve equations on your handheld PC. You type in an equation and enter values for all but one of the variables. Unlike a spreadsheet or calculator, any unknown variable can be found without having to rearrange the equation....Click details for more information.

PocketRPN Website Details
PocketRPN is a simple scientific calculator using the RPN interface. A unique feature is that arguments in the stack can be operated on individually by simply selecting them. It is fast and has a small footprint once installed. ...Click details for more information.

PocketWoman 816k Download Website Details
<b>Pocket Woman</b> is a monthly cycle tracking software for Pocket PC, which rightly meets the needs of today's busy women. <br> Pocket Woman keeps track of your cycle so you don't have to! It: <br> - Keeps record of your basal temperature; <br> - Keeps record of your bleeding; <br> - Calculates your past menstrual cycles; <br> - Makes predictions of your upcoming menstruation dates; <br> - Makes predictions of your upcoming ovulation dates; <br> - Shows when you are most likely to be fertile; <br> ...Click details for more information.

QCalc Website Details
Scientific Calculator for Windows CE (P/PC) ...Click details for more information.

RapidCalc Website Details
RapidCalc is a fast-access calculator-based input method for the Palm-size PC that offers the convenience of a calculator as an input panel with the benefits of easily performing calculations while working with other applications. RapidCalc can easily paste calculation results to any application. A feature unique to RapidCalc is the ability to use Note Taker or an alternative text editor on the Palm-size PC as a paper-tape. Recording and saving your calculations has never been any easier. ...Click details for more information.

RealCalculator Website Details
<b>RealCalculator includes a scientific calculator, a function plotter, a matrix calculator, a funtion calculator, a calculator for complex numbers, a computer-calculator (hexadecimal / binary) and a metrics converter.</b> <br><br> You can define your own formulars with up to 4 parameters and assign it to one of up to 28 user-defined buttons. Furthermore, you can devine up to 14 user-defined constants. <br><br> The function calculator is able to derivate a function like 2x^2 + sin(2x) to 4x + 2*cos(2x) ...Click details for more information.

RealPrices Website Details
See what a difference tax makes....Click details for more information.

RPN Calculator Website Details
RPN Calculator...Click details for more information.

Sw Euro Website Details
European Currency Conversion Calculator....Click details for more information.

Talking Calculator Website Details
AIDEM's Talking Calculator is a calculator that not only show the number like normal calculator but also announced the number. The crystal clear announcement of number is very cool ! When you are using the Talking Calculator, your friends or clients beside you can also hear the result. ...Click details for more information.

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