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TascalCalc Website Details
The scientific calculator for Windows CE...Click details for more information.

TascalGauge Website Details
Conversion Calculator for HPC and PPC...Click details for more information.

TipCalc Website Details
A simple freeware program that calculate tip at restaurants.<br> Calculate your final total, including tax and tip, based on either the before-tax cost, or after tax.<br> User-definable value for Tax% and Tip%. These values are remembered. No need to enter them every time. ...Click details for more information.

Tipster Website Details
With one touch, Tipster gives you your tip or tax amount both by itself and added to your original amount. One more divides the total by any number you select. Adjust the tip or tax percentage with just one more touch -- never re-enter your original amount....Click details for more information.

wmTriangulate Website Details
wmTriangulate is a freeware Triangulating Convertor which performs currency conversions from one Euro-Zone Currency to another. MIPS executable for the PalmSize PC...Click details for more information.

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