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Startler Website Details
Startler is a full-featured clock utility for Windows CE palmtop devices. This program contains a travel alarm that includes twin alarms and a snooze button. Simply tap the snooze button for a few more minutes of shuteye. To shut off the alarm, press the Action button on the side of the unit. When the palmtop is placed in the cradle, the AC power for backlighting helps the palmtop serve as a large-digit bedside clock. Startler also includes a sport stopwatch with 1/100-second precision, and lap times. Need ...Click details for more information.

StartY2000 Website Details
StartY2000 StartY2000 adds on your owner ID startup screen the numer of days that left before Year 2000....Click details for more information.

SwimPro Website Details
SwimPro allows you to time multiple swimmers and calculate measurements of swimmers' pace using Windows CE-based Handheld and Palm PC's....Click details for more information.

TimeTTracker Website Details
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <b>TimeTTracker</b> is an award winning dynamically configurable information manager, and time, expense, and mileage tracking application. TimeTTracker has been built from scratch from users' suggestions, so it works the way you, the user, do. TimeTTracker, in addition to a Windows desktop interface, supports natively all 2.x (and later) Windows CE devices with Microsoft Active Synchronization modules. The software focuses on data entr...Click details for more information.

TimeTTracker Website Details
Windows CE TimeTTracker is an award-winning time, expense and mileage tracking application. TTT features various data display methods (list, tree, mixed), custom time entry dialogs for fast data entry, persistent data lookup pulldowns, data search, summarization, and report functionality, data import/export, default record setup, and much more. Note: PPCs, HPCs and HPC Pros supported for SH3, SH4, MIPS and ARM....Click details for more information.

TrayDate Website Details
Put the date where it should be - in the system tray....Click details for more information.

wmTimesUp! Website Details
wmTimesUp! is a sophisticated multiple count-down timer application. It allows for four Timers of up to 24 hours in length (Note: Timers may not cross midnight.) Timers can be started, stopped and reset independently or be Synchronised to work together....Click details for more information.

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