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TrueTerm - Special Website Details
Dictionaries, Thesauruses and Verb conjugations in 1 product! The following databases are integrated in TrueTerm special for the price of US$40: · 1 Dictionary for example English/Spanish & Spanish/English (over 600,000 entries) · 2 Thesauruses English (200,000 entries) & Spanish (280,000 entries) · 2 Verb conjugations English (250,000 entries) & Spanish (250,000 entries) · The Dictionaries/Thesauruses/Verb conjugations can be installed as desired depending on availabl...Click details for more information.

TrueTerm Special- English/Spanish- WinCE Website Details
Dictionary, Thesauruses and Verb conjugation in 1 product! <br><br>The following Databases are in the Bundling for the price from 39.95 US$ integrated: <br><br>1 Dictionary English/Spanish& Spanish/English (over 600,000 entries) .<br><br> 2 Thesauruses English (200,000 entries) & Spanish (230,000 entries) .<br><br>2 Verb conjugations English (over 500,000 forms) & Spanish (over 1,000,000 forms).<br><br>...Click details for more information.

UniKey Website Details
UniKey offers you the ability to easily access all of your not-so-frequently used characters and symbols from the UniKey configurable keyboard input panel. When you need these characters, UniKey delivers in a snap! ...Click details for more information.

Universal Translatorô for Pocket PC English -> Spanish / French / German Website Details
...Click details for more information.

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