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PocketNotes 2000b Website Details
The IS Pocket Notes application is a fast, easy- to- use, multipurpose note taker. Not only can it remind you of upcoming events, and due dates, it can remind you of upcoming events and due dates, it can take notes, plan your day, manage your contacts, and create predefined template files. If this is not enough, include 11 quick access buttons, password protection feature, multiple window interface, multitasking feature, and comprehensive save options, you have one all purpose power house program, suitable ...Click details for more information.

QScribe v1.2 Website Details
QScribe is a powerful notes organizer for MIPS and SH3 base Windows® CE devices. You can create notes providing them with a title and a category, both of which you can use to sort the list contents and thereby find required information quickly and easily. The date and time is automatically generated for the note upon creation. With QScribe, you can search for specific text in both the title and the body of the note. You can also protect notes from unauthorized access with a password....Click details for more information.

Quick Text Demo for CE Website Details
QuickText provides a rapid access text glossary utility for Windows CE. Accessible via a button in the status area, QuickText is always ready to enter commonly used phrases, email signatures, technical terms and more. Tested in Microsoft's Pocket Word, InBox and TakeNote applications, the utility should work with most other programs with a text editing enviornment. The demo includes versions for both the MIPs and SH-3 processors as well as a Quick Start guide....Click details for more information.

Resco keyboard Website Details
Windows CE application Resco keyboard, running on Palm-size PC, gives you ability to write texts and control your applications faster, than ever before. In addition to system keyboard, there is numeric keyboard for typing numbers or numerical expressions, and special keyboard for fast inserting of often used phrases. Moreover Resco keyboard has built-in auto-repeat functionality. ...Click details for more information.

ScrapPanel Website Details
ScrapPanel™ is a Palm-size PC Input Method that simplifies the chores associated with using and managing scraps of information. <p> ScrapPanel™ puts all of the clipboard functionality in one easy to use place. ScrapPanel™ includes the powerful ability to filter the contents of the clipboard, extracting bits of information or changing the format of it. ScrapPanel™ also allows scraps of information to be saved away for later use. ...Click details for more information.

Snippet Force Website Details
Snippet Force is a text and macro replacement utility for the Palm-size PC. Snippet Force allows users to create a list of frequently used phrases, paragraphs, e-mail addresses, macros, etc. and invoke them in any application just by tapping on a short abbreviation from the Snippet Force panel. Snippet Force also supports a limited set of macro script commands allowing the user to to insert current time and date in the desired format. ...Click details for more information.

SynCEnotes Website Details
SynCEnotes gives you the opportunity to bring your Microsoft Outlook notes to your HPC....Click details for more information.

Word Counter Website Details
Count the words in a Pocket Word file...Click details for more information.

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