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StarTap Website Details
Have you ever wanted a more Windows 95 look and feel to the Palm PC? You'll find it in StarTap! Icons, shortcuts, folders on the desktop, drag and drop organization, it's all here. If you're like me, you've collected a LOT of programs, documents, and whatnot on your palmtop. Starting and stopping those programs, and switching between them, has always been a weak point. Not with StarTap!...Click details for more information.

Sticky Buttons Website Details
At last! The smartest, easiest and most obvious task launch program ever. Use your Palmsize PC the way it should have been, with icons on the desktop to your favourite programs. Works on colour and monochrome systems, including the HP Jornada 420....Click details for more information.

SwTskBar CE Website Details
The utility starts any program in the Taskbar simply by clicking on an icon....Click details for more information.

Tascal TaskMan Website Details
Palm-size PC has 'Task Manager', but it's not so good. This program is helpful if you want to change active task or close tasks....Click details for more information.

TascalExplorer Website Details
Windows95 like explorer for WindowsCE. (Webpage is in japanese, but software is in english)...Click details for more information.

TaskPro Website Details
Task navigation utility for Palm-size PC's.The easiest task/application switcher for your Palm-size PC. Familiar look and feel, TaskPro looks and operates just like the Start menu. Fast one-tap access lets you activate or kill any running application! ...Click details for more information.

TaskSwitcher Website Details
Replacement for Desktop icon. Don't waste real estate on a task switcher. Get more use out of your desktop icon. Enhance its functionality with this app that serves both purposes....Click details for more information.

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