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Display Color Applet Website Details
Are you SICK of the default colors your spiffy new color H/PC is using? The 'Display Colors' control panel applet is FINALLY here! Using this applet you can modify the appearance of your desktop by changing the colors for various screen elements!...Click details for more information.

Exe Type Website Details
A drag ‘n’ drop executable file information program - helps sort out all the different kinds of EXEs; supports many different processor targets (Intel, MIPS, Alpha, PowerPC, ARM) and OSes: Windows, Windows CE, OS/2 (especially good for keeping track of WinCE programs for its various target CPUs)...Click details for more information.

EZTaskMan Website Details
Task Manager for windows CE 2.0 View and terminate Process View, show, hide and close windows View PCMCIA Status and driver. PalmPC Version Also....Click details for more information.

Freemem 1.0 Website Details
FreeMem 1.0 for the Windows CE Operating System. A freeware program that gives a running total of the free file and program memory (in KBytes). The dialog can be left minimised on the task bar to give a constantly visible indication of your free space. The dialog and task bar values are updated every eight seconds....Click details for more information.

Hyperlinked Active Desktop PowerToy Update Website Details
If your Hyperlinked Desktop on your P/PC is suffering from too much or too little line spacing, or displays garbage characters you may want to consider trying this update....Click details for more information.

Interface Website Details
Gives your Wyvern P/PC a new look. This beta is a compatibility demo. Unsupported freeware, although feedback is highly appreciated as always. Don't use when running TaskSwitcher. Documentation coming soon. Recommended for Wyvern P/PCs only, untested on Gryphons or H/PCs. Cool wallpaper found at d-top. Put this in your \Windows\Start Menu\ directory to aid in navigation. ...Click details for more information.

KazClipboard Website Details
Command line tool on Win95/NT. It works similar to clipboard on command line....Click details for more information.

Keys Website Details
Remaps hardware keys to normal keyboard buttons. <p> Ever want hardware left and right keys? Try this app out. Many P/PC applications are enhanced somewhat in their usability with this app, such as PalmGB and Pocket Streets. ...Click details for more information.

MGColor Control Panel Website Details
Mark Gamber's Color Control Panel for Windows CE 2.0 Handheld PCs....Click details for more information.

MyTools Website Details
This is a utility for display current day, memory status and batteries status on Task bar area....Click details for more information.

PalmKeys Website Details
Remap hardware keys to keyboard buttons. Ever want hardware left and right keys? Try this app out. Many PSPC applications are enhanced somewhat in their usability with this app, such as PalmGB and Pocket Streets....Click details for more information.

PalmPower Website Details
Keep track of how your Jornada 420's batteries are doing, with this free utility. An icon on the tooltray keeps you informed as to the percentage power remaining, and a graph display makes it clear which applications are sucking your energy....Click details for more information.

Palm-Power View Website Details
This program helps you keep track of how your HP Jornada 420's batteries are doing. An icon on the tool tray keeps you informed as to the percentage power remaining, and a graph display makes it clear which applications are sucking your energy. This is a free utility that is downloadable without nag screens or time-outs. ...Click details for more information.

PalmTweak Website Details
PalmTweak is a small program for Palm-size PC to configure device settings without using any registry editors. <p> The following settings can be configured with the current version of PalmTweak: <ul> <li>To associate File Types with applications. <li>Scrollbar settings. <li>Device power off times. <li>Software Input Panel settings. <li>Window animation. <li>Font cache size. </ul>...Click details for more information.

Pocket OS Website Details
This Application is like a command line shell....Click details for more information.

Power Supply Properties Website Details
This control panel will give more settings than usual on the most Windows CE devices. So you can completely disable the device and backlight power off even if on battery. Thats usefull for emptying the batteries to avoid the memory effect of the accu pack....Click details for more information.

PowerTime Website Details
PowerTime is a battery monitoring tool that allows you to keep track of battery usage on Windows CE devices. It maintains information about current and past battery types, usage, estimated time left, and more. It's a great tool to help you decide on the best batteries for your usage patterns....Click details for more information.

PowerTimer Website Details
Set ALL power-off settings: Battery Power Down, Battery Backlight Off, AC Power Down, AC BAcklight Off (4K)...Click details for more information.

RegCE.Assist Website Details
This program allows you to quickly query the registry of your WindowsCEHandheld using a desktop computer....Click details for more information.

Registry Explorer Website Details
Registry Explorer for Windows CE is designed to bring the traditional registry editing functionality in Windows CE environment. With Registry Explorer for Windows CE you can view or change registry the most convenient way due to its outstanding features like drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste support for the entire key....Click details for more information.

Runů Website Details
Open a run dialog easily. Don't hassle trying to implement an easter egg. Let this app do the trick....Click details for more information.

Shield Website Details
Do you love to reset your device by inserting pin at the back of your Palm Pilot, if not then this is application for you. Shield is your new crash assistant. Now you never have to soft reset your device by inserting pin at the back of the device. No more fear of physical damage to the device while soft resetting it....Click details for more information.

SIP Manager Website Details
Easily modify the displayed name of any soft-input panel and/or temporarily hide unused input panels from displaying in the soft-input panel popup list....Click details for more information.

SpaceHogCE Website Details
Are you getting tired or running out of space on your H/PC? Are you sick of looking through every folder to try and figure out which files are eating up all your precious storage space? SpaceHogCE is a simple utility that lists every file on your H/PC sorted by size. Using SpaceHogCE you can quickly determine which files are hogging up all the space on your H/PC, select the files you want to nuke, and delete them, all without having to go find each file in its folder....Click details for more information.

SpaceLeft Website Details
Windows CE itself does not provide the functionality to show the amount of free space in flash memory area. Instead, several software provides this functionality. However, I did not feel comfortable with any of them. Some of them require relatively good amount of storage area to be installed and relatively good amount of memory to be executed. The others provides more features than I needed. ...Click details for more information.

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