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Storage Card Applet Website Details
The lack of storage card support in WindowsCE prompted me to build this little control panel applet that shows the current status of up to two storage cards on your H/PC. The Storage Card Applet now runs on WindowCE v1.0 and WindowsCE v2.0!...Click details for more information.

System Info Website Details
System Info is a utility that allows you to see the current system status of your Handheld PC. An icon is placed in the system tray while System Info is running. This icon represents the status of your batteries. If you are plugged into power, an AC icon will appear. While running on batteries a battery is displayed. The battery contains bars representing 0-100 percent battery remaining. HPC and PPC...Click details for more information.

TascalRegEdit Website Details
This is a registry editor program such as Windows 95 one. Make sure you can edit registries only on your own risk. PPC and HPC....Click details for more information.

Today Website Details
Calendar button doesn't go to Today? It does now. <p> Bind this app to your calendar button and calendar will "go to today" whenever you hit it....Click details for more information.

UpTime Meter plugin for PocketPC Today screen Website Details
UpTime Meter is a "real uptime" tracking software for PocketPC/PocketPC2002 implemented as Today Screen applet. Main features:<br> * Autoresets timer if battery is full charged (optional);<br> * Saves current timer values on PocketPC soft reset (may be switched off if you want to track uptime between soft resets). ...Click details for more information.

Validate Website Details
Have multiple CF cards? End shortcut confusion. <p> This app detects when you add and remove your CF card, and on those events validates your start menu hierarchy, hiding the apps that are no longer accessible and showing the apps that are. <p> Running a second time will show its own window, at which point you can close the application....Click details for more information.

WinCE Registry Query Website Details
This program allows you to easily query the registry of your Windows CE Handheld. For using the tool just start the program from the dos-prompt. You can get more information by using the "-help" parameter....Click details for more information.

WinDriver Ghost Enterprise Edition Website Details
WinDriver Ghost provides you the easy and fast detection, backup and restore of the entire hardware device drivers currently on your system. With it, you can even find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer. Just one or two mouse button clicks, you will have all your hardware devices extracted and backuped or restored. You may choose to backup a certain driver or the entire drivers to an EXE automatic installer....Click details for more information.

Yes Website Details
Automatically says "yes" to those irritating "PC Card detected in slot 1" dialogs. <p> Adds itself to the StartUp folder for more ease of use. Running a second time will make its window appear, at which point you can close the application....Click details for more information.

ZipHelp Website Details
What if you could take all those darned Help Files that programs put in your Windows directory and put 'em somewhere else, like on a Storage Card? <br> ZipHelp is completely transparent - you'll never know that it's there until you look at your Used Space. It packs all your current (and future) Help Files into a single, compressed package, which can be put anywhere, and you never have to think of it again....Click details for more information.

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