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PalmExplorer Website Details
PalmExplorer for Windows CE 2.0 Beta 2 Cut, copy, paste files Paste shortcut Delete files Create and delete directories Run programs Icon for ROM files File property Find File ...Click details for more information.

Passkey Website Details
Intelliant™ Passkey™ allows you to unlock any Intelliant™ DocSafe™ compatible file. Use it to unlock secured emails, downloads from your intranet, or secured files from other Internet sites. The full version is provided to you absolutely free....Click details for more information.

PE File Explorer 1.6 Website Details
A very useful windows-like file explorer. Small, fast and very well optimized. You can find. You can create shortcut. You can tap and hold. You can do multiple select, copy, paste. You can double tap to run something. You can asscoiate a file extension with an application. And much more. ...Click details for more information.

Pocket UnZip 1.0 Website Details
Pocket UnZip brings Zip file support to the Windows CE platform. Backed by the power of Info-ZIP's source code, Pocket UnZip allows you to extract, test, and view files directly from any Zip file, even encrypted ones. You can now view files and install applications directly from Zip files that you download from the Internet. Pocket UnZip can also help you maximize your PC Card storage. Just Zip up all your data files into a single compressed Zip file and use Pocket UnZip to view those files direct...Click details for more information.

PocketLock Website Details
<h2>Secure File Encryption for your Pocket PC</h2> <br> Keep your sensitive files safe! PocketLock lets you password protect individual files or entire folders using powerful encryption technology. And it's easy to use -- just select a file or folder, enter a password, and your data is safe. <ul> <li><b>Easy: </b>Encrypt files and folders in two steps. <li><b>Quick: </b>Optional numeric PINs for quick entry. <li><b>Secure: </b>Choose from a variety of encryption methods, up to 168-bit enc...Click details for more information.

Power Explorer Website Details
This 'Power Explorer' is 'explorer' program for Pocket PC and is very similer with Microsoft Windows95/98/NT have. It is very easy and useful in order to manage files and folders. In addition, the special functions built in this Power Explorer such as Image Viewer, Sending/Receive files and folders via infrared(IrDA port) device. ...Click details for more information.

PPC Stock Manager Website Details
PPC Stock Manager for Windows CE is designed to provide you with an easy way to manage and keep track of your stocks, options, and/or mutual funds. It may also prove to be a useful tool for trading and investing. The program enables you to calculate how much stock you should buy, and lets you follow and assess your purchase and sales transactions. It also shows you which shares of stock you have available to sell, how much you paid for them, and how much profit you'll enjoy if you s...Click details for more information.

Pxlcsv Website Details
Converts pxl (Pocket Excel files) to csv format (camma separated value text format)....Click details for more information.

Resco Explorer 147k Download Website Details
Resco Explorer is a powerful explorer for Palm PCs running Windows CE 2.11 or higher. Resco Explorer implements all standard features such as file/folder manipulation you can find in a file explorer. You can copy or delete files, create folders, run programs and search for files or folders. You can also view a file's properties, sort and filter your listings. ...Click details for more information.

Resco File Explorer v3.01 Website Details
Resco File Explorer is a powerful file management utility for your Pocket PC. Resco Explorer implements all standard features such as file/folder manipulation. You can copy or delete files, create folders, run programs with arguments and search for files or folders. You can also view file's properties, sort and filter your listings and associate file extension with desired application. ...Click details for more information.

Resco Zip/Unzip Library Website Details
Do you need to compress/decompress data directly from your C++ or VB projects ? This is the solution foThe full-featured demo consists of: RZip.dll - exports all necessary functions for data compression, RUnzip.dll - exports all necessary functions for data decompression, eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 example eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0 exampler you....Click details for more information.

Resco Zipper v3.0 Website Details
A fully PC-compatable zip/unzip program for your pocket PC. This program enables you to transfer infomation in a zipped form. It allows you to speed up transfers....Click details for more information.

SeNTry 2020 Website Details
The first security system that protects volumes, files, folders and programs quickly and easily. You have every reason to be concerned about who has the access to the business data on your computer, and very much like having a vault on your hard drive, seNtry 2020 provides extremely strong security so no one but you can access your confidential information. ...Click details for more information.

Tascal Filer EX Website Details
Windows CE's standard explorer has no folder tree. It's so hard to change current folder. TascalFilerEx has folder tree, so too easy to change the location. And also, TascalFilerEx has two screen mode for easy file operation....Click details for more information.

Tascal Folder Sync Website Details
This program is a folder synchronize utility. This utility can copy only updated files form a source folder to a destination folder. This utility check the file modified time with FAT file system's time. The FAT file format's minimum time is 2 seconds. So this utility is useful for different machines's folder via FAT formatted media such as floppy disk, Zip drive, etc....Click details for more information.

TascalFiler Website Details
Double Pane file filer. Easily view and move files on your HPC. (Webpage is in japanese, but software is in english)...Click details for more information.

TascalLha Website Details
Compression and Decompression for LHZ files. (Webpage is in japanese, but software is in english)...Click details for more information.

TascalSearch Website Details
Easily search all files on your HPC. (Webpage is in japanese, but software is in english)...Click details for more information.

Transfile 200 Backup Website Details
HP 200LX Transfile 200 Backup. With Transfile WIN 200 you can quickly and easily backup your HP 200LX. Hewlett-Packard is offering this easy to use and fast backup and file transfer utility free of charge to all HP 200LX users. ...Click details for more information.

Virtual Explorer Website Details
File manager for your Windows CE based Palm-sized PC. You need this since there is no way to change or view the virtual file system on the Palm-sized PCs without a host system accessing it. Navigate your storage cards Modify the files and directories directly...Click details for more information.

WinCEZip Website Details
WinceZip is a ZIP compression and decompression utility for Pocket PC. It is fully compatible with WinZip, the familiar user's interface makes you much easy to get start to use WinceZip. Most of the functions are also similar to WinZip, so you may save a lot of time to learn it. ...Click details for more information.

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