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Developer One Palm-size PC Collection





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Simply one of the best collections of software for your Palm-size PC!

Award winning titles like CodeWallet™, AccessPanel™ Platinum Edition and TaskPro™ give you the power to get more from your Palm-size PC!

Key Features:

  • CodeWallet
    The top rated personal, business and financial information management tool!
    Keep all of your important information secure and conveniently available wherever you go!
    Over 30 information templates meet your every need to get organized and stay organized!

  • AccessPanel Platinum Edition Input Panel
    Text and data entry made easier than you ever imagined!
    Insert dynamic text macros, email signatures, contact information and more into any application in an instant!
    AccessPanel even helps you track time and provides you with instant access to contact information!
    You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

  • TaskPro
    Rated by our customers as the most friendly and powerful application navigation tool!
    Switch to or close any active application in an instant.
    View free system resources, familiar "Start" menu look and feel make TaskPro a natural for your Palm-size PC.
    Stop navigating through multiple levels of menus just to active an application. Let TaskPro make it easy!

  • UniKey Input Panel
    The only user-defined soft keyboard available for your Palm-size PC!
    Put your most commonly used characters, symbols and more into this soft keyboard that you define!
    Powerful key/character mapping tool lets you assign typographical symbols and more into the keyboard with ease!

  • RapidCalc Input Panel
    Why use any other calculator? RapidCalc lets you keep an eye on your work while you calculate!
    Features a unique paper-tape feature and fully supports international number formats.
    Available at any time for use with any application! It pops up just like your soft keyboard to make calculations effortless.

  • ScreenSnap
    The most powerful screen-shot utility available for your Palm-size PC!
    View up to 100 images at once with an innovative browser, even use ScreenSnap as a slide-show viewer!
    Full support for 65536 color (high color) displays.

  • FlashBack/Database Edition
    Backup your critical information with ease! FlashBack excels at archiving your Pocket Outlook contacts, appointments, tasks and more! Works with Pocket Access databases too! An innovative user interface makes it simple and convenient. Own more than one Windows CE-based device? FlashBack lets you easily transfer your information between devices using the infrared (IR) port!

  • NumeriPad Input Panel
    The numeric data focused input method that makes data entry easier than ever before!

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