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13 Items, 25 per Page:

ActionGamePack Website Details
HPC developed for PocketC. Includes: JoyRide, Catacomb, Pocket Man, Pocket Brick, Nugget, Meteor, PocketSlot, and Trenches....Click details for more information.

BFM Casino 2.00 Website Details
This game package includes 10 popular casino games for the Windows CE H/PC platform. The games are Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, CaribbeanPoker, DrawAndRidePoker, LetItRidePoker, VideoPoker, Roulette, and SlotMachine. ! Now for Palm-sized PC!...Click details for more information.

Casino Game Pack Website Details
Casino Game Pack for Windows CE...Click details for more information.

FunPack Website Details
EZOS FunPack 1.02 is a new set of diverting applications collected together to form an entertainment package. The package includes: EzCrash Car game for mad drivers - EzJezzBall Try to cover the screen avoiding moving balls -EzMind Brain stormer based upon two different games - EzSokoban Block pushing game -EzTwinPeek Train your memory - MarbleSolitaire Familiar solitaire game played on a board with marbles - PipeGame A type of jigsaw puzzle with a twist. ...Click details for more information.

GameBag One Website Details
Ilium Software's package of 8 great games designed and implemented just for Windows CE. ...Click details for more information.

JIS GamePak Website Details
JIS Game Pack 1.0 for Windows CE is freeware. Anyone who wants use this can do download and distribute feely. Includes JIS Tetris, JIS Block, and JIS Puzzle...Click details for more information.

KSE Entertainment Pack 3 (Pocket PC) - English Website Details
<p><span class="TdText"> <p><b>The new Entertainment Pack 3 offers you an exciting collection of seven pocket pc games for windows ce 3.0.</b><br> So you get all what you need for entertaining yourself if you are on the way.<br> <br> Especially the varied assortment from wellknow games gives you the opportunity to relax and amuse yourself no matter where you are. The pack is easy to install, offers much of fun and because of the optimized development doesn't require much diskspace on your device.<...Click details for more information.

Logic Pack PPC Website Details
Logic Pack includes four games of logic. They are Battleship Solitaire, Codebreaker, Flip and Sweep. Battleship Solitaire is similar to Picture Logic; Codebreaker is a version of MasterMind; Flip is also know as Turn the Lights Out; and Sweep is a version of Minesweeeper. For Palm size PCs only....Click details for more information.

Peter's GameBox Website Details
My most famous game compilation, Peter's GameBox now includes not just six, but eight fun games! Apart from the new additions I've also applied a new graphical design, updated Blocks2 graphics, modified Same (more solvable levels) and added new sound effects. One thing is still unchanged - it's free, so get it now! <p> I've decided to add more and more games to the collection, depending on my free ti...Click details for more information.

SolPack Website Details
SOLPACK for handheld computers with Windows CE contains seven card solitaire games including Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole, Double or Quits, Golf, Quadrille, Robert, and Treasure Trove....Click details for more information.

SolPack 2 Website Details
SolPack 2 has six card solitaire games including Five Piles, Fourteen Out, Nestor, Thirteens, Triangle, and Vertical...Click details for more information.

SolPack PPC Website Details
SolPack contains eight card solitaire games including Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole, Five Piles, Fourteen Out, Golf, Thirteens, Triangle and Vertical....Click details for more information.

Widget Leisure Pack Website Details
A classic compendium of card, board and adventure games for your H/PC, all in full colour: Chomper, Palmtris, Poker, Patience, Bandit, Reversi & Castle....Click details for more information.

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